Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hi! It's my Brookie! Today I am TEN!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! It's me Brookie, and today I am TEN years old!

Happy Birthday to me! :) 

I am currently 5 feet 4 inches tall and I LOVE swimming, soccer and volleyball :)

Mom thinks it's ridiculous on how tall I am!! Adam passed her up when he was 11, so I am thinking I am not far behind that! :)

We had a birthday party sleepover at my house on Saturday with three of my girlfriends, and we had sub sandwiches, ice cream cake, did a couple of crafts, watched a movie and of course stayed up WAY to late .. well, at least according to Mom and Dad we did,  I say it was just right for a Saturday night :)

I didn't want any presents from my friends, instead I asked them to bring an unwrapped toy for me to donate to Toys for Tots this Christmas season!  Mom even had me make a sign so my friends knew where to put them :)

And here is what we collected for the drive from my family and friends :)


Here are some photos from my sleepover party! :)

My cake from Cold Stone Creamery!! So GOOD! :)

My Mom found this nightgown at Justice for me :)

Mom and I put these bags together for me and my friends!  We included a brush, nail polish, eye shadow and a cute pillow :)

We had subs from Mr. Goodcents for dinner! YUMMY! :)

Us eating and Dandy looking for scraps on the floor!  He is such a beggar! LOL! :)

Then we did a couple of crafts :)

Including these yarn pumpkins my Mom heard about from Cindy! :)

Ready for CAKE! :)

Then my friends signed the back of my nightgown! :)

And then we played with our goodies from our gift bags :)


Then we watched "The Croods" while eating popcorn! :)

And can't have a sleepover without a pillow fight! :)

Then Sunday morning, we had DONUTS!!! :)

And then on Sunday night, the family and I went to dinner at Cracker Barrel :)

I had the catfish! YUMMY! :)

Then we all came back to my house and opened presents for me! :)

Now I am off to school -- and have to stop and get cupcakes for my classmates to celebrate my big day, and a SPECIAL cupcake for the principal of my school -- her and I SHARE a birthday, and I always bring her a cupcake on our birthday! :)

Have a great day everyone!  I know I will! 

Brookie :)


  1. Happy Birthday Brooke!!! Wow, I can't believe you are 10...you were just a little girl when I started following your mom's blog!
    I hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends :)

  2. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Brookie!!!

    Dr Sonia

  3. Happy birthday to Brookie! It looks like you've had an amazing day!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Brookie! Your party looks like it was lots of fun, and well done on collecting gifts for others on your special day.. Enjoy the gifts you got for your birthday.. and did you know my daughter Hannah had a birthday today too.. she is 25!! Enjoy being 10!!

  5. Loved reading all about your birthday, Brooke! Sounded like THE perfect day /night & I LOOOOOOOVe your nighty & waaay cool having your GFs sign it!! Donuts for breakfast sounds a VERY spesh birthday treat, too :) Hope being 10 is as awesome for the year, as it has started off :):)

  6. Happy birthday Brookie!! Looks like you had some amazing celebrations!!! And what a sweet girl you are for collecting donations instead of gifts for yourself. That's pretty awesome!

  7. Your party looked fun. I can't believe your ten. Your gifts for tots was a great idea. Bravo to you for thinking of others first.

  8. Happy Birthday Brooke! Sounds and looks like a super party! Glad you had so much fun xoxo

  9. Happy birthday, Brooke!! Looks like a fun celebration!! I can't believe how tall you are!!

  10. Happy birthday, Brookie! Your parties look like tons of fun! I cannot believe it but guess what? You are taller than me! Welcome to double digits. Thanks for sharing your birthday celebration. ❤️

  11. Happy, happy birthday sweet Brookie! I hope you have an AMAZING day! You are growing up so fast! It has been so fun to see all the changes you have made! What a BIG heart you have, just like your Momma!!!!
    It is so amazing to me you gave up your birthday gifts to donate to Toys for Tots~what a great cause and what a difference YOU will make!!!
    Looks like you had a special day/night with your friends! The food looks so yummy to! Keep celebrating and happy 10th birthday Brookie!!!
    Sherrie K

  12. Wow - best birthday ever! That sounds like so much fun. You guys did all my favorite things and ate most of my favorite foods. Glad you enjoyed the pumpkin craft!

  13. Looks like you celebrated big time~ happy birthday!!!

  14. Looks like a lot of fun! Welcome to double digits, Brookie. :)

  15. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a fabulous time with friends and family!!

  16. Sweet layout...love all the wonderful photos you shared of your sweet Brookie getting to that magic number 10! And what an incredible party too!

  17. Well! Happy happy birthday to you brookie! Looks like you had an awesome time and I can't wait to see what you sketch in that new sketchbook! And I kept wondering what yam pumpkins were..lol...yup. I read it five times and kept getting yam til I finally read it right....shaking my head. Lol! Anyway! Happy day!

  18. Happy, happy, happy birthday to sweet Brookie! Looks like you had an amazing birthday, and celebrated all weekend long, which is exactly the right way to celebrate a big birthday like #10! <3

  19. Looks like the perfect birthday, Brookie! Happy 10th! Totally loving all the smiles and fabulous pics! Great job, Mom! TFS!

  20. Wow. Looks like you had a great time girl! Happy happy birthday Brookie!

  21. Happy Belated Birthday from New Jersey Brooke! Looks like you had an AWESOME Party and Day!! :-)

  22. Happy Belated Birthday from New Jersey Brooke! Looks like you had an AWESOME Party and Day!! :-)

  23. Happy Birthday Brookie! Seems like you had a great party!
    Wow I looooove the collagepics where Brookie shows her age with her hands. Why didn't I think of that when my baby was little...


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