Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Surprise Visit .... aka Adam was here! :)

Hi everyone! :) 

Yes, Adam was here for a visit this past weekend :) 

My BFF informed me a few months ago that she was going to visit her Dad (who lives in Las Vegas) in mid-August! Well ... things sort of took shape from there! I told Brian I wanted to fly Adam out to Phoenix to join us when we went to visit my BFF in Las Vegas ... and then we decided to make it a surprise for Brookie and the grandparents (even though Adam ruined that part ... lol ... more on that later!) ... so, it all was SUPPOSED to be a surprise for everyone ... and in the end, at least we know Brookie was surprised!! LOL! :)

And here are some photos from our weekend :)

As soon as we picked him up from the airport, I got a selfie with him :)

He was hungry and requested "Raising Cane's" as they don't have those in Texas, and he missed it... lol :)

You've seen the video above (if you haven't, why NOT?!?! LOL!) and here are some photos from the sibling reunion ;)

Then we headed for Vegas, and stopped at a store on the way there for a photo op (and a potty :)

And here is how Adam ruined the surprise for the grandparents ... lol ... he was told NOT to do ANY social media while he was here with us .. cause we have A LOT of family members that follow us on Facebook, etc.  -- soooooo he posted photos on Facebook, blocked my Dad from seeing it -- but left Brian's cousins to see it -- so when one of Brian's cousins was at church on Sunday morning -- they mentioned to the in-laws about how excited they must be to see Adam while he was here (my in-laws don't have Facebook - so Adam thought he was safe) -- so needless to say -- he ruined the surprise for one set of grandparents ... lol :)

By the time we made it to Vegas, we were all hungry, so we checked into our hotel, unpacked and then walked over to the "Shake Shack" for dinner :)

Then we walked over to the Bellagio for their water show :)

By then, it was REALLY late, so we walked back to our hotel, but stopped at the Tropicana on the way back because Adam wanted a photo with this car in front of that hotel :)

The next morning we woke up early and headed to the Bellagio to see my 'happy place'.... aka the Bellagio's conservatory .... my parents had seen an episode of "Tanked" and had told me the theme at the conservatory during this time ... so I was already prepared to see an amazing 'Under the Sea' experience, and as usual, the Bellagio didn't disappoint :)

We found Dory ;)

And we found Nemo too ... lol ;)  (look in the upper right of the

Bellagio Selfie :)

Many of you know that I take monthly photos of me and the kids together in honor of Aleida.  I haven't had one with the 3 of us together since Adam's visit in December, so I was happy to have one again this month :)

 We headed to the end of the Bellagio and took some more photos with the Paris hotel's Eiffel Tower behind us :)

And for those that have been following my weight loss journey (74 pounds down as of Tuesday 8/23!!) -- here is a comparison photo of me from last April and  this past weekend in the same spot :)

Then we headed to Circus, Circus for a little store I wanted to get something at :)

And when we walked into Circus, Circus -- I saw one of those 'Old Time' photo places -- and if you have followed me for awhile, you will remember that I have had the kids do the old western cowboy photos before -- but haven't done it since last May, before Adam graduated and moved to Texas.  So when I saw the shop in Circus, Circus, I was like ... ummmmmm .. you kids are doing this for me... lol (no one argues with my decisions once I make up my mind about something .... lol!  ... I can hear my in-laws and my parents LAUGHING at me when reading that -- they know me well!!) ... and the kids didn't want to do the 'cowboy' theme this time ... they wanted to be MOBSTERS (you know ... Las Vegas style of course! lol!) :)

So -- here are some of the photos from their photo shoot :)

Then we had a little surprise for Adam -- we took him to "Count Kustoms" showroom, to see his car collection -- Adam and Brian love that show and we knew Adam would love to see it :)

Then we headed over to my BFF's Dad's house (he lives in Las Vegas) for lunch and some pool time  with her family :)

Then we headed back to our hotel to change and recharge -- and Adam had to stop at "Hooters" hotel so Adam could get a photo with the 'Hooters Nascar' :)

Then we went to the "Fun Dungeon" at the 'Excalibur' where everyone played games to win tickets for Brookie :)

Then we headed to "Fremont Street" so Adam and my BFF's girls could ZIPLINE (yes, ZIPLINE!!!) from the "Slotzilla" ... they ziplined from the top of this -- that would make it ELEVEN STORIES UP!!!!! YIKES :)

Adam. Brookie and my BFF's girls :)

Adam, Brian, Brookie, Jessica, Amanda and my BFF Dani :)

Then Sunday morning before we headed out -- we went to the Coca-Cola store and ran into this guy :)

And Monday morning -- we took Adam to the airport -- bye Adam!! Until next time :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. It looks like you had a great time. Beautiful photos!

  2. Wow love all the photos, you have had a wonderful weekend! Great mobster photos, amazing cars, fabulous fishy place.. sorry cant remember the name.. hehe.. lots of happy memories for you all. a good surprise for Brookie... even if someone put something on somewhere he shouldn't have..hehe..

  3. What a wonderful wonderful [non] surprise time you've had. MY, how Adam has grown into a MAN....& Brooke is looking like life is VERY good [especially when she saw Big bro!!!. YES watched the video ;)!!}.....& I totally LOVED the Mobster shots...amongst all the others. The different photos of you from THEN to NOW....amazing! And LOVELY to get some of the 3 of you, too:):)

  4. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos with us!

  5. Awww, I am so very, very happy for all of you! What an amazing weekend filled with so many fabulous memories.... and the icing on the cake? Having Adam there! I could barely read your post after watching your surprise video through the tears! SO happy!

  6. I truly enjoy really your fun weekend with Adam and the family! : )

  7. So happy for you that you could spend time with Adam and capture so many memories x

  8. So glad all of you had an amazing time in Vegas!! Love all the pictures!! What a special surprise for Brookie and the rest of the family!!

  9. What fun happy family times. Enjoyed the snaps so much!!

  10. What a wonderful trip! What a joy to see your happy family all together again. :)

  11. Looks like an AMAZING time!! So great that you all were together again!! Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful pictures!!

  12. You boy is grown up ~ very handsome :) Looks like it was a great time. Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. WOW Julie...such amazing pictures!! Made me revisit my memories of our Vegas trip!!!

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your photos! We were in Vegas last week so I'm wondering if we were there at the same time???!!! My FAV pic of all is the before and after of YOU! Woman you should be PROUD! You look FABULOUS!

  15. Looks like an amazing trip with such special memories being created! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  16. OH MY! You did soooooo much this past weekend! LOOOOOOOOOOVE each photo of the kids! LOVE those flowered statues! And I cannot believe your little guy has a beard and mustache! When did he grow up!?!?!? LOL!

  17. Glad you had a great reunion! Love the photos!

  18. You look amazing and Brookie has grown at least a foot taller! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  19. Oh My Goodness! Looks like so much fun! And your hair looks awesome by the way ... forgot to say that before...

  20. That looked like a super fun trip! Love the gangsta photos! :)

  21. Fabulous pictures as always!! Looks like an amazing time!! xo

  22. What fun times and a fabulous almost-surprise ;)! Love all the pics! TFS! And it looks like Brookie has taken another one of those growth spurts recently.


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