Monday, May 26, 2014

What am I up to? *wink* :)

Hi everyone!! :) 

A couple of weeks ago, Michelle invited me to be a part of a continuing blog hop and today is my day to share :) 

I have always admired Michelle, and was lucky to meet her in real life 5 years ago in Tennessee when she and I went to a scrapbooking convention weekend! I just love and always find everything she makes so INSPIRING!!!!! :)  

Michelle had a few questions for me -- and here they are along with my answers :) 

1. What am I working on? 

 Awhile ago, the family and I were antique shopping at one of our fave antique stores ... and one of the vendors was selling this peg board stand (it's over 4 feet tall!!!!!!) and I just envisioned it for my embellishments in my scrap space ... and the best part -- the woman sold it to me for $12.00!!!!! STEAL!!! :)

I am HOPING I am not the only one who has a hard time using embellishments on their projects -- because I ALWAYS forget what I have available to me! LOL!!!  So I knew this peg board/stand would be PERFECT for my embellishments!!! :) 

So this weekend, I painted it and set it all up for my goodies!! :)

Here is what it looked like BEFORE .... (PS .. it is 2 sided!)

And here is what I did with it!!! :)  I painted it PINK (I know, I know ... you are shocked!!!) and then bought peg hooks for it and sorted/organized all my embellishments on it :)   

Here is side ONE :)

Some close ups of SIDE ONE :) 

 And for the side -- I took some Pebbles papers and adhered it to the side :) 

 And here is SIDE TWO :) 

And some close ups of SIDE TWO :) 

And here are some other things I have been working on :) 

Last weekend .... I made 58 (YES ... 58!!!!!) of these cards -- for my co-workers and some of my Dad's co-workers too ... some of you will remember that Brookie's school is involved in a NATION WIDE recycling contest with Waste Management (garbage company) ... and the schools involved bring in plastic bottles and soda cans for recycling ... well this past Thursday, Brookie was awarded with the TOP RECYCLER at her school!!!!!!!!!!!

So because she wouldn't be the top recycler if word had not gotten out at my work and my Dad's work that we have SO MANY PEOPLE drop of their plastic bottles and soda cans at our desks on a daily basis -- I wanted to give a THANK YOU to all of our co-workers that helped Brookie earn this award!! :) 

Waste Management gave the school a medal, a trophy, a certificate, a ribbon and a reusable water cup for the prize!!!!! :)

And let's see -- I am also making this mini album with some Authentique papers :) 

And I am also finishing up this MILESTONES baby book for my friend at work for her Baby that is due in August  :)

Ohhhhhhhh and while I was looking for all my embellishments for my new-to-me peg board stand -- I decided to go thru my papers and reorganize my paper drawers!

I used to have TWO of these FILLED with papers and embellishments -- well, I purged the embellishments to the peg board stand -- and I purged a TON of PAPERS and EMBELLISHMENTS to make up two BIG boxes of donations that I will be taking with us to Brookie's hospital (Phoenix Children's Hospital)  this summer for their craft rooms.  

Phoenix Children's Hospital has 6 craft rooms for the kids that are there long term -- so anytime I purge, I donate my stash to them :) 

So now I PURGED SO MUCH .. that I only have ONE paper tray filled!!!! GO ME!! :) 

I sort by manufacturer ... so that's what the alphas are for ... welllllll except for Bella Blvd. and Bo Bunny ... I have enough of their papers that they have to have their own drawer! LOL!! :) 

And one last thing I wanted to share that I did this weekend ... I had bought these 3-tiered metal trays at an antique store about a month ago (another STEAL ... all 3 for $15.00!!!!) and this weekend ... I organized my paints, mists and adhesives on it!!!

Gonna be so much easier to see what I have now!!! :) 

And here is Michelle's second question for me :) 

 2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

I don't think my work differs from others that are in the industry right now -- a lot of people tell me all the time that they can ALWAYS tell if it's a "Julie page" ... but looking out there in blog land ... I think I am pretty close to other styles right now ... 

I know I like to alter/upcycle a lot of things ... so I think I stand out that way VS. other crafters out there ... I see a spaghetti sauce jar and see something to hold my embellishments ... and others see it as trash .. so there's one way that I differ from others  ... lol :) 

 And Michelle's 3rd question for me :)

3. Why do I write/create what I do? 

I scrapbook for my kids -- I want them to have a legacy for when I am gone :)  And I know it must be working .. cause every time I make a page or mini-album .... both Brookie and Adam check it out and look at it :)   To me that makes it all WORTH IT!! :) 

And Michelle's last question for me :)

4. How does your writing/creating process work?

I work full time (and lately .... it is MORE than full time, as I have been putting in a TON of Over Time!! YIKES!!!)  --  so I only have time to create on the weekends ..... 

So I get up a lot earlier than everyone in the house on the weekends (like 4:30 AM early!!!!!) and start creating then ... and depending on what we have going on that weekend ... I will create on both Saturday and Sunday ... and then Sunday afternoon, I photograph my projects, then Sunday evening I edit/write blog posts :) 

There you have it ... a little more about me :) 

And I am honored to be tagging YVONNE for next week's continual blog hop :) 

YVONNE is one of the MOST TALENTED scrappers/upcyclers out there .... I so ADMIRE and LOVE this girl .. and I hope SOMEDAY we get to meet in real life!!!! :)

And today is also Memorial Day in the US ... so I want to take a moment to thank all the men and women that have paid the ultimate price for my freedom ... 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. Love what you did with the peg board. Your craft space is so delightful...keep the ideas and goodies comin' on you blog.

  2. wow you are so organized Julie!
    Great project and thank you for sharing some of your craft room with us ;))

  3. Julie,
    I love the pegboard make over. What a great way to display all your stuff and get your room organized too!!
    Congrats on the interview and
    congrats to Brookie for winning the top recycling prize!!!

  4. wow!!!! Way to go and LOVE the pegboard!!! that is like a MUST have for a scrapper!!! super cool... way to go on purging and using that stash and cute cards!!!

  5. Wow!!! You are one busy woman!!! All the best!

  6. That standing peg board is an awesome storage solution! Looks great all loaded :) I love to purge and donate my extras too, it is always motivating to know someone will get a good use out of the supplies :)

  7. You are one busy woman wow! I LOVE your pegboard project - what a treasure, and it looks so cute pink! All your projects look awesome Julie! It's so fun to read the answers to the questions! Thanks so much for participating my friend! :)

  8. Your virtual blog hop post is amazing. I love how organized you are, and I love how you always make such beautiful projects, no matter how busy you are. I can't wait to see Yvonne's post next week, too! This has been so much fun!

  9. Wow Julie! I enjoyed this post and all the photos. That peg board is pretty darn cool! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Well, that was one fabulous & fun post to hearing about your scrappy world. The peg board is amazing...& the thank you cards are great...that's a wonderful job they've all done helping Brooke !!!!!

  11. Oh Julie it is so nice to visit you again!!! Your peg board creation is absolutely brilliant, I have one here for 8 years and never thought once to do what you did here, guess what I am going to be doing, lol Thank you so much, you are always such an inspiration to me. Have a beautiful day beautiful you!!!

  12. Now that is a lot of embellishments! I can see why you needed the peg board.

  13. Love what you did with that peg board. So awesome Julie. And I love that you scrapbook for your kids so they;ll have a legacy :)

  14. Great organisational space. I think if we pool our stash we can open a store :-P

  15. The pegboard project ROCKS.
    Yay you for donating...I did that earlier this year at Seattle Children's Hospital and think I'll end up doing it again before the end of the year!

  16. WOW Julie!! So much craft candy in this post!!! I love your new peg board!!! You have so many great embellishments. LOVE the thank you cards - I JUST LOVE it ALL!!!! :)

  17. I love your pegboard! All those pretty embellishments!

  18. Totally awesome peg board and I'm drooling over your stash lol. Love the stand you've got your paints on. You are a card making machine girl!!

  19. Wow, you always amaze me with your energy and creativity! Loving that pegboard! What a steal and so useful!

  20. This is great idea. I have a peg board in my closet with not so important stuff hanging from it, you have inspired me to use it properly:):) I spy some milk caps:):)

  21. OMWord, what a fabulous and amazing post, Julie! It was fun to learn a little bit more about you! You have always inspired me, but I tell ya are so super amazing, my friend! Cannot believe you made a thank you card for every person who donated to Brookie's recycling program. LOVE that you added her sweet photo to them. And wow, cannot believe you get up at 4:30 on the weekends to do your scrapping! You are like Super Momma!
    Oh, and LOVE your new pegboard! That must feel like you get to go shopping in some fancy scrapbooking store before every project!

  22. Your pegboard looks super, like something you'd find in a store. :) Happy embellishing!

  23. OMG, can I come shopping at your house??? So darn cool! Love the pink!

  24. Wow, you have a lot going on at the same time! I'm very impressed you manage it all :) I love that peg board - what an awesome idea! And it turned out great! Congratulations to Brookie!! It's so sweet of your co-workers to be part of the project. It helped Brookie and it does help the environment :) It's so wonderful you scrapbook for your kids, they will love all the amazing memories when they're grown up and looking at them. 4:30 am ? Oh boy! But I'm glad you do find the time to do what you love :)

  25. I'm so impressed! You made that so darn cute. It's like having a little shop of your very own!

    I'm also impressed with how many cards you hot done. Amazing!!!

  26. Your peg board looks amazing! I love the pink. You're so organized, I'm jealous lol. Congratulations to Brookie on her award. Love your cards and minis too.

  27. Oh my goodness if this isn't the greatest idea ~ I LOVE how you recycled this peg board!!

  28. Oh MY!!! This is such a wonderful post! I learnt more about you! I always wondered when you got time to scrap so much and so beautifully! Now I know! TOTALLY IN LOVE with your PEG board... Oooooh - Julie!!! I WANT ONE! (loved seeing your stash too!!! It looks like a shop!!! Nothing better than shopping ones stash!!!
    Gorgeous thank-you pages and congrats to brookie!! WELL DONE! And your travel album looks amazing!
    Fabby post!

  29. Oh my word girl you have been busy! I love the pink pegboard easy to find all your embellishments now. I would love to be in your room.
    Yay to Brookie for all the recycling and how sweet to send out adorable cards as thank you.
    Loved having you share.

  30. such an amazing project!! I love the pink!!

  31. OMGoodness you can shop at your own store now. Go figure. I love what you did with it. Have a Blessed day, DIANA L.

  32. LOVE your pegboard! I hope Adam doesn't feel like every single pink item is a push out of the nest. ;)

  33. OH my goodness that stand is amazing. You did a wonderful job. You are right if I saw it I would use it and I might not buy it twice. LOL
    Great post but really I don't know how you do it. 4:30 does explain some of it. I just seem to be slowing down and cutting back.
    Love the post.

  34. Oh, my gracious! Look at all those fantastic goodies! WOW! I need to come scrap with you, girl ;). LOVE how you've put them on display for your use! Pure genius!

    I honestly don't know how you keep up with work (...and overtime, too!), being a mom and wife, and all you share with us here. You go, girl! Keep up the good work! Hugs! And congrats on your feature, too!

  35. Awesome peg board, you have your very own store Julie. Love all of your organization--doesn't it feel so good?

  36. You clever girl! That peg board is Amazeballs!! What an awesome find :0)

  37. I am just DROOLING! I just LOVE your PINK peg board and all of the goodies! Can I come shop at YOUR house?

  38. Oh wow, I feel like I am walking into a scrapbook store now, awesome work! And I am going shopping together with Sue at YOUR HOUSE!!!! : )

  39. Fabulous pegboard! I love the pink color. It looks like a display in a scrapbook store. :) Hope you had a Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  40. Love your peg board and love how you added all your embellishments on!
    I love peg boards I use them in the garage for dh to store some of his misc. tools!
    What an awesome find for the price!!
    Love your tin containers too!

  41. I love your peg board!! And I cannot believe it is hard for you to use embellishments! You make it look so easy! (I have a hard time too so you aren't the only one!) I love that you made thank you cards for everyone that helped out. I think that is soooo cool! And that you donated your extra supplies-very cool. Ok last thing-I love the 3 tier thing for your paints. Brilliant! :)

  42. Love, love, love the pegboard! I have a big sheet of it hanging in my craft room over my wrapping station. Yours looks awesome with all your scrapping stuff hanging from it. So cool. And whoa on the cards. You are always always busy!

  43. Love, love, love the pegboard! I have a big sheet of it hanging in my craft room over my wrapping station. Yours looks awesome with all your scrapping stuff hanging from it. So cool. And whoa on the cards. You are always always busy!

  44. Wow! What an awesome peg board!!! You're so lucky to have found this! Love the pink color!

  45. Oh, you have so much energy. :) You run rings around me, Julie!

    LOVE what you did with that pegboard! Filled, it looks like it belongs in a store!! Great way to find just the embellishment you are looking for. Great job!

  46. This is so awesome, Julie!! Really fun scrappy storage!!

  47. This is amazing Julie!! So fun to go shopping in your own craft room! Carri~Abusybee

  48. WOW!! amazing projects going on here. I am exhausted just reading this post. I wish I had half your energy my friend.


  49. omg, I am so jealous! I love all of the organization! Looks so great! I always get mad after doing a layout when I realize that I could have used something else that I forgot I had.


  50. I have the same problem using my stuff because I can't see/remember what I have...and I don't even have half of what you have! LOL!
    Great deal and make over!
    Also, can I come shopping in your craft studio?!?!? LOL!

  51. Love the pink! This looks super! You're so organized....everything is in it's proper place and looks sooooooooooo good!

  52. Great idea on the pegboard

  53. I LOVE your pink peg board embellishment pretty! Trust you to see potential in everything my friend! You rock. Kudos on destashing those papers...I need to learn from you. Your style is not overthinking and just doing it....we can all learn from your fearlessness! :)

  54. Wow, you've been busy. I like your pegboard - it would be the envy of even scrapbook store owners!

  55. My goodness Julie I wonder how much sleep you get and how you get to be so productive - you must share that secret soon :) That pegboard is amazeballs. If only I had the room for something like that - it looks so beautiful pink too - great job!


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