Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A few of my favorite things...

Hi everyone and Happy Halloween!!!! :)

Today I am also excited to share that I am a Guest DT member for Child's Play this month!!!! YAY!!! I won one of their challenges in September and they asked for me to be a GDT for November!! SO HAPPY!!!

Our first challenge this month is to be inspired by My Little Pony!! Now ironically, the day AFTER I found out about this challenge, Brookie came home with a brand new set of My Little Pony dolls courtesy of Nana and Papa!! LOL!!! :) So... I drew my inspo from that :)

I used a lot of my MME stash!! :)

And here is our inspo piece for the challenge! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Cards, cards and more cards! :)

Hi everyone!!!

Thank you all for your AWESOME comments on my last post!!! It was wonderful to read everyone's thoughts on why they scrapbook, what they hope for the future of their pages ... and how everyone stores their pages!!! Thank you!!!!! I love this scrapbooking community!! :)

I was also asked by someone if I store them in chronological order -- I don't -- but I do have them sorted by kids -- me and Brian -- me as a kid -- vacations etc :)

And I hope all my friends and family on the East Coast stay safe during the hurricane... thinking and praying for all of you!!!!

Today I wanted to share some cards I made this weekend!!

It is actually a funny story!! 

I have a craft fair coming up Mid-November that I will be selling cards and canvasses at -- so Friday night I made Thanksgiving cards for the craft fair -- and Sunday morning I made Halloween cards for co-workers and Sunday afternoon I made Christmas cards for friends and family.... so-- yes!! in one weekend I worked on three different holidays!! LOL! :)

First my Thanksgiving cards -- I used Simple Stories on these that I got from :)

The next Thanksgiving cards I made I used Bo Bunny's Apple Cider that I also got from :)

I also made some quick little place cards for our families that are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner! :) I used Bella Blvd's Thankful collection on these! :)

And my Halloween cards are a variety of companies ... Bo Bunny, My Mind's Eye, Pink Paislee, Echo Park, Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker, Jenni Bowlin and EAD Designs :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Asked and answered :)

Hi everyone :) 

First .... I want to send all my prayers out to my friends and family members that are facing the hurricane on the East Coast of the US ... and also prayers to my friends on the West Coast of the US that are under a Tsunami warning.... scary things happening out there right now....

A lot of you know that I create fast -- it's just in my nature (or DNA -- since I have ADHD and things are always flying through my head... lol) -- and recently I have gotten some questions about how I store my layouts and do I actually know how many layouts I have made ---

Well.. I can definitely answer how I store my layouts -- lol!! No problem there :)

I used to buy actual scrapbooks -- but then as I started creating more and more and more and more pages -- and it became apparent to me that I couldn't keep up with the cost of actual 12x12 scrapbooks! :)

Soooooo -- I started buying these --

 They are those 12x12 scrapbook plastic bins that you find at Michaels or Jo-Ann's I also have found them online for a little more than I actually pay in stores -- 

12x12 Scrapbook albums only hold so many pages (20 I believe, it's been soooo long since I have bought one, I have forgotten! lol!!) -- and these plastic bins hold 40-50 pages per bin depending on how 'thick' my layout is --

I also only buy them when they are on sale at Michaels or Jo-Ann's ---- I usually can catch them at $3.99 or $4.99 a piece -- when I find them on sale, I buy a few of them at a time. 

Here is how I store them --

On the top shelf, you can see two empty plastic bins -- I told ya ... I buy extra when they are on sale :)

They stack easy and fit perfectly on my shelves :)

But to show you -- I did use to buy albums :)

Here are the scrapbook albums that I have filled since I started scrapbooking :)

See that white thick one below -- the 3rd down from the top???? That is my VERY FIRST completed scrapbook I ever made!!!! It is Adam's BABY album (so yes... that means it was made 15 years ago!!!) --- it's an 8 1/2 X 11 book  -- and looking back at it now... oh do I giggle at my old pages!! But hopefully, someday Adam will love them :)

Now -- to answer the other question about how many pages I have actually made!!!!

I have NOOOOOOOO idea!! LOL!!!! :)

I haven't just made all the pages in the plastic bins and scrapbooks you see above -- I have also made FULL scrapbooks for friends and family over the years -- along with single scrap pages to go in frames for friends and family members ---

So .... when I first started scrapbooking 15 years ago when Adam was born -- I really wasn't that "into it" -- I was doing it as a "sometimes" hobby --- making pages to carry on Adam's life ---

Then I became a single Mom when Adam was 1 1/2 years old and had to work two jobs to make ends meet -- and it wasn't as easy to make scrapbook pages (please please please don't take this as I think Single Moms CAN'T scrapbook -- I just know for me -- it wasn't always easy to find the free time...) 

When I met Brian, and we got serious... then had Brookie together -- it got easier for me to make layouts again (and it made it even easier as Brian completely and totally supports my passion for scrapbooking!!) -- so then it became a FULL BLOWN PASSION to scrapbook ... and I haven't really stopped at all since Brookie was born ... 

So for 6 SOLID years, I have been making pages --- with adding the extra 9 years when Adam was born/younger child where I dabbled in this hobby ... 

Sooooooooooo if I had to guess ....

I would say I have made over 2,000 scrapbook pages -- and that's not counting all the cards and altered projects I have made :)

Just in the photo of the plastic bins above -- I would say there are over 1,300 pages in them :)

Now -- the other night I saw  Yvonne's blog post  that really hit home -- she was asking her followers -- 

This year, I find myself doing fewer single photo layouts and incorporating more photos on each layout instead. My rationale is simple...

1. Multi-photos help to tell a story better.
2. I do fewer layouts per event.
3. It takes up less space.
(the above is taken from her blog post ... )

Then Yvonne posted this..... 

Nobody talks about this...but while I want to preserve family memories, I am also mindful not to accumulate too much for future generations.You know the man's treasure is another man's junk? 
(The above was also taken from her post...)

So it made me wonder --- are Adam and Brookie gonna care about my pages when they get older? 

Are they gonna love going through my plastic bins that are labeled for them? Are they gonna love digging through my old scrapbook pages? 

I have lived by a scrappy motto for awhile now -----

So, I used to over-analyze and over-stress on how EVERY one of my pages looked when I was done... I used to move my embellies here and there, and move my papers here and there... and then one day I realized ... Why? Why am I worried about what everyone else is gonna think of my pages? All that matters in the end is that I LOVE my pages...and it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks about them.. I am not always going to create a masterpiece, I am not always going to create a lo that everyone loves...and that is okay....because in 30 or 40 years from now...I can PROMISE you that my kids ARE NOT going to look at my pages and say, " Mom, these are great...but you know, it would have LOOKED so much better if you would have put that embellie over there instead of there!".......NO...they are going to be happy that I have left them a legacy of my pages about THEM! They are not going to care what they look like, they are going to care that I made layouts just for them. period. 

I am hoping that someday they will love them...and I am so hoping that they pass them onto their kids :)

But I also see Yvonne's point :) Wonder if the kids (especially Adam being the boy and they NORMALLY don't care for creative things made by Mom) -- will think my creations are my trash?  It is something to think about -- but for now.......

I can't stop creating -- it's in my blood -- my Mom, Aunts, cousins ... all of us have that creative brain ... and I can't really see a day that I stop making cards, layouts and altered projects :)

Soooo there you have it -- very long --- but it's what I have been asked ... and I try my best to answer when I get asked a bloggy question :)

Now to end my post on a different note ---

The other day, I pulled out Pasta from the kitchen cupboard to start making dinner and Brookie saw the box and got SUPER DUPER excited and ran to her backpack ---

She had made Pasta-Art that day in school and SHE KNEW that the pasta she had used on her project was the SAME Pasta I was cooking that night for dinner! LOL! :)

It's the simple things my friends :)

And also -- since it's almost the end of the month -- I want to share my monthly photo with me and my babies in honor of Aleida Franklin (for Aleida's story -- please see my side bar) 

(And PS ... I promise ... Adam isn't cranky --- it was early in the morning ... and Adam has NEVER been a morning person!! LOL!!!) 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy girls are the prettiest....

Hi all... 

I wanted to share a layout I made with Bo Bunny's Little Miss collection! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

So very thankful...

Hi everyone!!!

Today I am sharing this layout on the Blue Moon Blog and I thought I would share it here also!!! (My layout will be live on the Blue Moon blog at 8AM MST)

On the weekend before September 11th, my family went the 'The Healing Fields' in Tempe, Arizona. It is a memorial to 09/11. There is a flag for every victim, and the local Air Force base donates combat boots to be placed by the flags of the people who died in the Pentagon.  Before the volunteers placed the boots by the flags, they had they around the base of this tree. I just had to take a photo of them!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm his Mrs. -- I'm her Mr.

Hi everyone!!

Last month while at my friend Krista's house... I had no assignments and just wanted to play!!! So I wanted to share some of the layouts I made :)

This was made with a mix of goodies from!! 

And this next layout was with goodies from Artful Delight! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)