Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A little Tea Cafe for Brookie ...

Hi everyone! 

Happy Independence Day to all my USA friends!!!!

This month at LESSology we wanna see some creative uses of Bubble Wrap!!!!

I decided to make Brookie a little Tea Cafe!! 

I started out with a piece of cardboard that came with my window valances!

Then I painted it and used bubble wrap to add a textured "Floor" for my Cafe! 

Then I had these goodies from an antique store....

Added some Bo Bunny Little Miss papers... and next thing I know... I have myself a little Tea Cafe for Brookie to play with!!!

For my little table... I used the Little Miss Trinket packaging for the top and the bottom of my 'table' 

And Brookie with her new Tea Cafe... and her little dolls on it!!

I can't wait to see what everyone creates for this challenge!!!

And here is our AWESOME sponsor info!!!!!

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And speaking of Bo Bunny... have you been over to their blog this week!?!?!?! They are showing their new collections!!!!!! EEEEEKKKKK!!!

Here are faves from each of the new collections...

See this one HERE ....

And see this one HERE .....

And have you seen Nikki Sivils July collection kit?!?!?!?!!? 

Check it out HERE......

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)


  1. OH! MY! Goodness Julie! The Tea Cafe looks AMAZING.... You have done an AMAZING job!!!
    & That Album looks FABBO... x

  2. Very, very clever...& that bb paper looks YUM, too!!!!!!

  3. Darling little tea cafe! So cute and pretty; Brookie looks happy to have this lovely work of heART :)

  4. Julie, you rocked using Little miss to create this sweet project for Brookie. Judging by that smile, she'll enjoy playing with this!! Blessings!

  5. Lovely post Julie and Happy Independence day to you.
    Isn't it fun having a girl?!!
    Love what you made. So pretty and so creative : )
    Enjoy your day xxx

  6. Super cute tea cafe!! I bet Brookie loved it!! :-)

  7. This is just so awesome! You are so creative!

  8. Oh, my gracious! So many awesome projects! You rock!

    Adina was sitting beside me as I was scrolling through here. We just painted her nails in red and blue for the 4th. So, she's not going anywhere for a while. LOL! Anyway, she LOVED your little tea set for Brookie! She also thinks it would be really fun to meet her ;). One day, girl, one day.

    Have a blessed 4th! Big hugs!

  9. EEEK...So super fabulous. You have outdone yourself Julie.

    Have a Happy 4th!

  10. that is super cute, I bit she loves it!!!!

  11. Oh my goodness that is so darn cute- such a creative idea...Brookie's face is priceless
    Happy 4th

  12. Happy 4th to you all! the Tea Cafe is amazing!

  13. What a sweet and pretty little creation. How fun! Happy Independence Day!

  14. CUTE!!!! she is sure to have tons of fun with this :)

    *still think they NEED you on the Bo Bunny DT..........want me to call them??? ;)

  15. what a fun fun fun project. I love all the little touches you added. thanks for so many photos.

  16. I love the tea cafe - so sweet!!
    Have a Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!

  17. That little tea cafe is absolutely adorable! So clever and crafty! Excellent job!

  18. awmmmmm, how CUTE CUTE CUTE! love it!!

  19. That tea set is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!! LOVE the pictures of Brookie - I can tell she LOVES it!!

    Happy 4th of July!!!

  20. What a fun and creative idea!!! Brookie is very lucky to have a mama like you :)

  21. OMG Julie, that is beyond adorable. A little girl's dream! One of my favourite things you've done!!

  22. OH Julie what a wonderful creation. I love this and i bet Brookie does too. You are so creative. I had a hard time with this challenge.
    Happy 4th I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  23. Hey Julie... Happy 4th of July my friend... I hope you had a good one...
    Isn't it fun having a girl?!!
    Love what you made. So pretty and so creative that album too... hugs...xoxo

  24. You are the best mommy ever! What a delightful play set! Amazing project Julie!

  25. Aren't you so very clever?! Love this!!!

  26. So creative, Julie!! It looks like Brookie loves her new tea cafe :)

  27. Awww...Julie this came out SOOOO cute!!! I can see how happy your adorable DD is!!!! You are so creative and clever!!!TFS!!

  28. That is amazing, wowowowowowow!!!
    Great work!

  29. The tea party is beyond GORGEOUS, Julie!!!. I want one, LOL. The colors are so pretty, the spools are fabulous and the bubbly floor so cute. What an eye candy! Hugs.

  30. What a super duper cute creation - perfect for Brookie and any little girl! Love it!!!!!

  31. Love the sweet tea set...looks so cute and Brookie looks elated with it! Wonderful creation with bubble wrap!

  32. CUTE idea Julie--bet Brookie LOOOOVES it! :)

  33. Wow Julie this is SO amazing and creative!

  34. This makes me want to "play house" once again, what an amazing creation!

  35. What a brilliant project idea, Julie, and soooooo pretty! Just love your bubble wrap floor, and the accessories you created are as cute as can be. LOVE the photos of Brookie enjoying her new play set!

  36. WOW.. that tea cafe is amazing. LOVE that!!

  37. Awwww... what a cute little cafe scene! Bet she loved it!

  38. LOOOOOVE the painted tray! And I LOVE the little pieces for this cafe set!!! FUN!!

  39. WOW Julie, your sweet little tea cafe looks amazing!!!!

  40. this is so creative and cute for brookie beautiful done

    hugs carla

  41. Escellent Julie! Looks amazing!!

  42. Your creativity is off the hook!

  43. Yea, I like that one piece of the BoBunny Serendade line that you showed... off to see Nikki's line..looks cute from your mini!!


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