Sunday, December 30, 2012

December Daily completed!! YAY!! :)

Hi everyone!!!

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Well... I did it!!! I completed my second ever December Daily ... and this time my TIPS I gave myself HELPED A LOT!!!! :) 

Here is my December Daily :)

Day One -- Started the day off with organizing my scrap space...sorting papers and embellies by manufacturers... Dandy hung out in his doggy bed. We went to see Santa and went to Sam's Club! I love Brookie's outfit choice -- Shorts and a winter hat! :)

Day Two -- I finished organizing my scrap space!! YAY! We all went to dinner at NYPD Pizza Dept. for my birthday!! The kids started their chocolate advent calendars from Uncle Howard and we lit the 1st advent candle!! :)

Day Three -- My 41st Birthday!! Me and Brookie by the tree -- then Brian and I went to Camp Verde, AZ.  $175.00 won at the casino, lunch and the an antique store!! Awesome day!! :)

Day Four -- Dani sent me a "Twilight" dollar for my birthday -- Brian and I went to see "Pitch Perfect" and Timothy found our new Perogi ornament!! :)

Day Five -- We went to Peter Piper Pizza tonight for Brookie's school fund raiser!! Fun times! :)

Day Six -- Brian bought me some lottery scratcher tickets -- won $2.00 -- and Adam baked double chocolate chip cookies! They were yummy!! :) 

Day Seven -- Brian had an eye doctor appointment at the mall -- so we had lunch at Charley's!! YUMMY!! We also got our 2012 family ornament! :)

Day Eight -- Another BUSY Saturday!! We went to the cemetery  to decorate the twins graves for Christmas ... then we dropped Brookie off at her BFF Aerin's house for their sleepover!! Aerin's dogs -- Stormy, Foxie and Honey just LOVED Adam!!! After we dropped her off ... we went to the Olive Garden for dinner and picked a Christmas "Wish" tag for a girl named Kristy!! We bought her two outfits!! :)

Day Nine -- We went to the Allen's Christmas party -- and lit the second advent candle!! :)

Day Ten -- We went and looked at Christmas lights... Dandy came too!! :)

Day Eleven --  Brookie got to go shopping at her "Christmas Shop" at school! She got to buy one thing for everyone on her list! :)

Day Twelve -- Happy 12-12-12!! I made some "12's" from cardstock and we took photos holding them! Brookie's cough got worse so off to the doctor and a breathing treatment :( We got our annual nutcracker in the mail! :)

Day Thirteen -- Brookie had to come home early from school - cuz her cough was still bothering her -- so she made a card using the stickers Michelle H. sent her :) Adam and Brookie played with Dandy! :)

Day Fourteen -- Today was a tragic day in the US. A man went to Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 26 people ... 20 of them children -- my heart is aching for those lost ... Hug your babies tighter today......


Day Fifteen -- We went to cousin Nate's 7th birthday party at "Dave and Buster's" ... got to meet the newest cousin Isabella ... she's beautiful! :) And after what happened yesterday in Connecticut, it was nice to see a rainbow today.... :)

We went to Barnes & Noble, Coldstone Creamery at Kierland Commons today ... we lit the 3rd advent candle. The family helped sign cards for the children in Newton, Connecticut....

Day Seventeen -- A pretty laid back day -- our friend Sue brought Dandy his Christmas present... a snowman chew toy. And we got Christmas presents from Aunt Cookie! :)

Day Eighteen -- I made Christmas treat bags for my co-workers ... Brookie lost her 7th baby tooth! The tooth fairy came tonight and left $3.00! :)

Day Nineteen -- An exciting day!! Brookie's teacher nominated her for a leadership award -- and we got to go see her receive her award! She had no idea!! Brian and I went to Einstein's for bagels and hot chocolate! We went and saw Monster's Inc in 3D!!! :)

Day Twenty -- Timothy made Brookie a scrapbook page ... I had to make a play-doh fish for work and it won Most Creative! :)

Day Twenty-One -- Nothing makes me happier than starting my day off with two of my loves smiles!! Brookie make me two scrapbook pages! :)

Day Twenty-Two -- We cleaned the house today for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! We ordered Chinese Food and Dandy wanted to make sure that all of Daddy's cookie was gone ... so he licked the package! LOL! :)

Day Twenty-Three -- We braved the mall today! We lit the 4th advent candle :)

Day Twenty-Four -- Busiest Day!! I baked cookies and pumpkin muffins - Brian and Nana Sue cooked dinner for the whole family and friends that came over! Brookie got a call from Santa while he was in Australia! We had our friend Jason take our family photo - and Brookie put out the reindeer food! :)

Day Twenty-Five -- Santa CAME!! Brookie's face was priceless when she saw the Barbie doll house he left her! Papa Eli made a HUGE breakfast ... we lit the last advent candle and we had a birthday cake for Jesus and Mark! :) We are blessed! :)

*phew* I did it!! YAY ME!! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)