Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You are Beautiful... No matter what they say...

Hi all....

Our latest challenge is up at Nikki Sivils... and this time we want you to scrap your cell pics!

This was a no-brainer for me, as I had all ready planned on scrapping this photo of Brookie with Nikki's Get Well Soon collection, even before I heard about the challenge :)

I posted this photo on Facebook back in July (after Brookie's 15th laser surgery) .... but for those that don't follow me on Facebook... or missed it..... here is how the conversation went...

Me to Brookie: good morning beautiful!
Brookie: I'll be beautiful when my spots are gone
Me to Brookie (holding back tears): Baby girl, you are always beautiful...your spots are just a part of who you are ....but spots or no spots, you are always my beautiful baby

.....*sigh* that was a hard one to hear.....

So... I scrapped the photo I took when we had this little convo...and here is the layout I made for it....

I included the lyrics to Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" on my page.. in case you can't read them... here they are... 

Every day is so wonderful
And suddenly, I saw debris
Now and then, I get insecure
From all the pain, I'm so ashamed

I am beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring me down
So don't you bring me down today

To all your friends, you're delirious
So consumed in all your doom
Trying hard to fill the emptiness
The piece is gone left the puzzle undone
That's the way it is

You are beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring you down
You are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring you down
Don't you bring me down today...

No matter what we do
No matter what they say
When the sun is shining through
Then the clouds won't stay  

And here is the video to the song... I love this song... if you have never seen this video... I really encourage you to watch it, it really tells a story of what society says is "not beautiful"....I know this video makes some people uncomfortable... but in my opinion... it tells a story... and in a way I can relate to a lot of it....

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Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)



  1. I love that song and what a perfect song for your LO. It must have been so hard to hear say that about herself :( She is beautiful and all the photo's I see of her she has always got a gorgeous smile on her pretty face. Fab LO !!!!!

  2. Oh my darling Brookie... !! Break heart to hear this!!! You are beautiful Brookie...especially your smile...!!! Gorgeous Layout Julie... hang in there... I know exactly how you feel my dearest friend... hugs..xoxo

  3. Sweet Brookie. Hug hug hug!!
    I can imagine your heart breaks when you hear your little one say something like that, Julie
    It's a hard world..
    Wonderful layout and beautiful song!


  4. Very touching and heart wrenching Julie. Hugs to you both and what a beautiful LO.

  5. Perfect song!! She is beautiful!! Even though Mom can't always make it better, she'll always try ... that's what your daughter will remember. Beautiful LO!

  6. That is one of my all-time favorite songs! It came out when I was going through a very tough time in my life, and it still inspires me. Your LO is beautiful and wonderful. Please tell Brookie that God only gave a special few children spots, the rest are just plain old vanilla. I'm pretty sure the spots are angel kisses. Brookie is a little angel on earth. In fact, if you have an angel at the top of your Christmas tree, I think her name is Brookie!!!

  7. Oh my...............tears in my eyes!!! I remember that day. And Brookie your mama is so ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! Inside and out kiddo!!! And you make the world a little more beautiful just by being in it. I know it's hard being different. But God made us all a little different and gave each of us something special. And I love what June said about the angel :) Love you Julie......and Brokkie!!!!

  8. What a fabulous page, Julie! That paper is so perfect for this, and I just adore that you included the song lyrics. Just beautiful! And perhaps you're not giving yourself enough credit........because I KNOW that you make things better. You can't perhaps take it away, but you do make it loving and supporting and nurturing, and just being there. :)

  9. It's interesting how we as mothers think that we can't always make things better for our children. We are wrong though. I never had the best self esteem growing up, and unfortunately I never had a mother that told me otherwise. She actually agreed with my opinions of myself and encouraged the bad thoughts. YOU are NOT that kind of mother. I am not either. Brookie is so beautiful in my eyes, outside AND inside, just like her mother. It's so hard when our children hurt like that.... I know. We just have to encourage them to continue to find that beauty within themselves. And tell Brookie that June is absolutely right... those are angel kisses. The more you have the more kisses from angels you've had. They ARE beautiful.

    You picked a perfect song... I'm not sure if you would let Brookie watch the video, but I'd let her hear the song. She may not understand, but with explaining she definitely would. :)

    Love you both!!

  10. Brookie is a sweet little girl, whose smile warms my heart! She is blessed to have a wonderful, loving and caring mom, and you and your family are blessed to have her. Truly a beautiful and loving layout!

  11. Wonderful LO! The use of song lyrics is perfect. I hadn't seen the video, but having watched it now the lyrics seem even more right.

  12. This is brilliant! Love this - so touching! xo

  13. Great page---beautiful daughter. I had psoriasis pretty bad growing up (had it all along my neck and had to keep my hair super short). It is such a hard time of life to have those concerns.
    Wish I knew then what I know now---beauty is ALL on the inside!

  14. Thanks everyone :):):):) I wrote June an email --- but just so you all know how CORRECT she really is... the nickname for Port Wine Stains (which is what Brookie has) is "Angel Kisses" :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  15. Brookie is a real beauty, with or without spots, and your post touched my heart (I already knew the story, but still...).
    Hugs for both of you!
    The lo is also beautiful and touching :).

  16. What a sweet & beautiful page for sweet Brookie. Love the journaling convo. Sooo sweet!

  17. What a great challenge! Such a sweet layout, love how you did the title with the bandage on top.

  18. what a beautiful moment to scrap Julie--very touching. Congrats on the win over on lily bee designs!! :)

  19. Tell Brookie we love her, and there are lots of Disney on Ice events coming up in the new year (we will have to plan a date!) And of course, you can use my stressbooking image;)

  20. What a wonderful layout! It's layouts like these that make me so happy that I scrapbook to tell the stories. What a sweet little girl. Kids are so resilient, but you hate to see them suffer in any way. Thanks for sharing. I love it! And I love that song!

  21. I love how you put this songtext into your layout to your daughter Brookie. She always looks so sweet and girly. She is beautiful.
    I really like your layout.

    Love from The Netherlands,

  22. Love this and the meaning! Moms are supposed to do this for our babies!!

  23. Such a beautiful page of a beautiful girl. Just looove everything about it!!!!

  24. Great layout, Julie!! And little miss Brookie is so beautiful and she is so lucky to have such a great mama!! I've missed stopping by your blog and checking out your work!! :)

  25. Oh Julie, always hard to hear self doubts from your kids. but Brookie knows she is adored the world over and esp by her family. Wonderful page!! xx

  26. Such a great page - love that song!! Your Brookie is such a beautiful little girl!!!

  27. okay first your cell phone pix come out way better than mine ever do. I don't know why I bother. You captured a moment with your DD and paired it with a perfect song! Wow! She's got one special Mom! A truly inspiring layout!

  28. Sweet layout for your sweet little princess!!!

  29. What a heartfelt post.. It made me tear up a little. Your little girl is beautiful. And you have such a kind soul. Brookie is luck to have you!!

    Hugs, Linda

    BTW - Your page is wonderful!!

  30. LOVE the page, the photo of your beautiful Brookie, the hand-written lyrics & that awesome SONG! It's definitely a fav of mine.

  31. awww Julie...what a fabulous layout....Brookie will always be beautiful to all of her bloggie land friends:)

  32. This is just beautiful. And so meaningful Julie! :)

  33. Oh that just makes my heart hurt. Fabulous layout!

  34. Oh Brookie! breaks my heart when I hear children express these feelings. You approached the situation perfectly, Brookie has the love and support from not only her family but her friends all over the world!
    Give her a big hug from me...please

  35. So well said Julie! What a perfect layout with a beautiful message for a beautiful girl!

  36. Beautiful! Your journalling made me tear up Julie. Brookie takes after her mummy, beautiful in every way :)))

  37. Did you know That I always thought you would use this song once, and look you did!
    This song is so true, and love that lo, and Brookie you are such a beautiful person, just as you sweet mother!

  38. Brookie you are beautiful, forget what they want to say...
    what an awesome page for Brookie, Julie!

  39. I honestly can't immagine anybody saying something different for Brookie! She IS beatiful and for those people that see her for the first time she is only "new" but still beatiful. In the end When I thgink of her the first thing I remember of her is her smile and her posing in front of the camera :-)
    Don't be sad Julie, she is special and beatiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so are you!

  40. Stunning pages Julie, fantastic journalling. Brookie you are a very beautiful girl and have a beautiful mum too, take careX:)

  41. This pulls at my heart strings so. Brookie is so lucky to have you as her mama. She is such a delight... she radiates beauty!!! Much love to you both. xoxo

  42. Sounds like you know just what to say. "You are BEAUTIFUL". I love the words to this song!! Love your layout!!! (=

  43. Gorgeous layout & love the song!!

  44. LOVE that you used that song to go go with that photo and story :)

  45. That song really is perfect. For Brookie and for anyone. It was a good reminder today!

    Also, hey congrats on the Lily Bee win. Saw it on their blog. Whooo hoo! I love LB!

  46. That's got to be so hard for her!!! But you're right, she IS beautiful! (I hate it when people are cruel)

  47. This brought tears to my eyes!!
    I love this LO!!
    Brookie is precious and so beautiful!!
    I can realate to this song in many ways not just for me but a friends son who was born a preamie and he is almost 12 and is small for his age
    He does get made fun of and he struggles with that.
    I saw my borher be made fun of for being so red headed and I was made fun of because I was tall and skinny. Its a shame that society focuses so much on outer beauty!!
    Thanks for sharing the song very touching!! I have never seen the video but have heard of the song but did not know all the words to it. Big hugs to you both!!

  48. Tua figlia รจ davvero una bella bambina e tu sei una mamma speciale ed una donna forte. grazie per aver condiviso con noi

  49. What a truly precious memory to scrap! I totally agree that she is beautiful ALWAYS! And not only that, but true beauty comes from within, and I think that shines truer than anything!

  50. Such a fabulous thing to document. You are a great mom, and Brookie IS most definitely beautiful!


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