Friday, November 25, 2011

Our Thanksgiving and a winner :):):):)

Hi everyone :):):):)

I hope everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving had a very happy one yesterday! :):):):)

Wanted to share some of our photos from ours :):):):)

Brian and the kids :)

And in honor of Aleida monthly photo with my babies :):) (for those new to me...Aleida's story is over on my right side bar) :):):)

This was just too Aunt Mary is in from New York (my home)...and she brought these with her... me and my Brother made these for Thanksgiving about 30 years ago :):):):):)

Papa Mike, Nana Sue, Adam, Nana Ruth, Aunt Mary, Brian, Me, Brookie and Papa Eli :)

Brookie, Papa Mike, my Brother Steve, Nana Sue, Adam, Nana Ruth, Brian, Aunt Mary and Papa Eli :)

Food :) the little ceramic Pilgrims in the front -- my Mom made those many years ago :):):)

Papa Mike and Brookie :)

Papa Eli carving the Turkey :)

Nana Ruth and Aunt Mary :)

Brian and Me :)

Brian being a goof... lol :)

Brookie and Adam :)  (And a quick update... Brookie's blisters are doing MUCH better!!) :)

Adam and Brookie playing hide and go seek :)

Brookie playing with an old doll house set that belonged to me :)

Adam built this for Brookie :)

And now... for my winner for the Studio Blue Moon ..... "The Christmas Book" :):):):)

Congrats to YVONNE!!! Here is what Yvonne said... 
yyam said...
Oh poor Brookie! Nasty blisters begone! :) What an awesome giveaway...I love getting my X'mas tree's pint-sized but I love it because it was made by a dear friend. 
Yvonne...please email me at so I can get your information over to Blue Moon :):):):):):)
Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :):):)


  1. Great photos, Julie! You all look great and happy!
    It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day :).
    I'm happy to read that Brookie is getting better and better.
    Take card and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. YOu have some fabulous photos Julie!! I love them all! What a happy family. And to have all those older memories and treasures to share. What a great day for you. And Brookie is adorable!!

  3. That sure looks like one happy family day Julie!!! And those drawings are awesome! My mum and dad gave me paintings and drawings I made in my childhood the other day - it's such a precious thing to have!

  4. Awwww, what absolutely fabulous photos! Lucky, lucky you that you got to spend the holiday with so many dear ones from your family. You are truly blessed. And can I just say how fabulous your kids are? I am constantly in awe of the love Adam shows to Brookie. You done good, my friend! :)

  5. Great photos!! I take photos for the same reason. I just like to have the memories preserved. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!

  6. awwww...isn't that what thanksgiving is about? Being with peeps you love....awesome pics but I especially love Adam's message to brookie...that is sooooooooooo sweet!

  7. Fabulous family photo's, looks like you all had a great day. I love Brookie's dress she looks gorgeous. I'm glad she's on the mend,such a little sweetie,have a good

  8. What beautiful pictures, Julie! It looks like you and your family had a wonderful holiday! and I am so happy to hear that Brookie is feeling better! She looks precious! I love her braids :)
    Hugs to you!!!
    margie xo

  9. What wonderful photos! It looks like you had a picture-perfect day. :)

  10. YAY for Brookie feeling better, Julie, this is fabuloius news!

    Love the family photos and seeing the art you made when you were a kid!

    enjoy your weekend!

  11. Your hair looks so great, Julie! Love how you styled it, and love Brookie's braids. Apparently I am into hair at the moment (LOL). :)

  12. Ahh... Blessed and Bliss... perfect setting for Thanksgiving... love all the photos you shared!!! Awesome... what a sweet message from Adam to darling Brookie... hugs..xoxo

  13. Love that you take so many photos! You can never have enough? Super cute ones you captured! That's really cool that tour aunt brought the turkeys you made in your younger years! Love it!

  14. Congrats to the winner. What a great bunch of family photos.

  15. It looks like you had a wonderful day with your loved ones! What a happy bunch of people!!!! Love the photos of Brookie in that wonderful dress!!! And Adam must be the best big brother EVER!

    Wohoo for Yvonne!!!! :):):)

  16. Sometimes I wish Adam coul be my brother lol!
    Love the pictures you all look beautiful and more important very happy!

  17. Congrats to the winner!!
    Beautiful pictures of you and your family!!
    So glad you had a blessed time with everyone!!
    Love the drawings what precious memories!!
    I have a couple from when I was younger I wish I had more!!
    So glad that Brookie is doing much better!
    In my thoughts & prayers!!

  18. Fun family time and photo!
    Congrats to Yvonne! YAY!!!!

  19. What a terrific family time! I love holidays but I have the gang here always together at this time in my life!

    e mail me your address please!

    I love your scraping. You are amazing. My oldest daughter Noelle always has a scraping room in her house. She is so good at it! We learned from her friend Mary who is an Ireland girl herself! Talented just like you! I am dancing around that I have a cool friend to share my birthday with!

  20. Oh my goodness theses are wonderful pictures of you and your family. Thanks so much for sharing them. It looks like you had a wonderful day.

  21. Awesome family pics! Everyone looks so happy! :)

    P/s: Thanks for picking me as your winner! :)

  22. I'm a bit jealous of you being so close to all of your family!! I love all of those photos!!

  23. You look stunning in red! You must wear it more often!! Looks like you all had a marvellous time & I love the look of your home and that greeeeeeeeeeeen grass!!

  24. Your family photos are beautiful! .:)xoxo

  25. Great photos! Loving Brookie's polka dot dress & cute braids! Hope she gets some relief from the blisters soon! And yes... Brian is a goof! LOL

  26. Such beautiful photos of you and the family. So happy your Thanksgiving was a happy one! Love the blocks message Adam made for Brooke!


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