Monday, July 25, 2011

A week of ups and downs....

Hi everyone...

What a emotional roller coaster week it has been for me.... full of ups and downs....

Last week, I was reading Pamela's blog...and found out that a dear bloggy friend Chris Hertel lost her battle with breast cancer... I was beside myself with grief when I read this... the tears came and wouldn't stop... I started following Chris while she was battling breast cancer..and I always admired her courage and her positive attitude... she was an amazing talent and a beautiful soul... she will be greatly missed by all that knew her...

On Friday, our neighbor came by and asked us too walk his adorable little babies Boo Boo and Pumpkin while he cared for his wife (who has been suffering from Parkinson's) who had suddenly been placed in Hospice.... 
Here are Boo Boo and Pumpkin (sorry for the poor quality... these little girls are FAST movers! lol!)

We were happy to help, as our neighbors wife was just the sweetest woman....and her husband is the nicest man... it took awhile for the 'girls' to warm up to us...but with Brookie's help... they went on several walks with us :)  Sadly, our neighbor came to us yesterday to tell us that his wife passed away in the afternoon... I know she is pain free now and at peace... I am just saddened for our neighbor who is losing his life partner... 

And a bad day at work last week just didn't help my mood... 

But, had ups too... Adam has been visiting my ex-in-laws for the past two weeks and he came home yesterday! So excited to see my baby! And Brookie was too! :)

And since we didn't have time to have a 8th grade graduation party for Adam once school ended.. we decided to do it last night as a part homecoming/part graduation party! :)

And of course there was CAKE :)

And I wanted to share a layout I made with Nikki Sivils new "Get Well Soon" line :)  If you have been following me for awhile, you will know that back in March Brookie and I had surgery on the same day... Brookie for her Port Wine Stains  and me to have my gall bladder taken out... I wanted to do a layout sharing this.... for my layout, I used the 06.02.11 sketch from Sketchy Thursdays :)

Nikki Sivils displayed this layout at her CHA booth... and when she posted the photos on Facebook... she tagged me on her photo of the "Get Well Soon" line... and wrote that my layout "SOLD" this line! wow wow wow! As an artist, you always hope that someone will be inspired by your creations, but to have the owner of the company tell me that my lil' ole layout SOLD the line?!?!?! wow... i am truly blessed ...  :)

And speaking of Brookie's surgeries... she is having another one this Thursday... I would truly appreciate prayers for her... even though this is surgery #15... every time feels like the first time.....

And thanks to everyone that commented on my Harry Potter shadowbox books that I posted this weekend... I truly appreciate it! :):):):):):)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :):):)


  1. I seriously think you are one of the sweetest and best mothers I've ever known!!! I loved your layouts. I'm so sorry for the losses that you've experienced this past week, but rest in the knowledge that God has plans for them!!

    Hugs to you!!

  2. My prayers are going up for sweet Brookie!! I can't imagine 15 surgeries. Strong little girl she is! Sorry to hear about your friend and your neighbor:(

  3. Prayers lifting for that sweet little princess Brookie, sweetie. I so enjoyed meeting her.

    Oh, Julie, I am so sorry about your neighbors wife, but just remember she now sits at the feet of Jesus ... what better a place to be, my friend. Smile sweetly for her soul ...

    TTFN ~
    Hugs of love,

  4. Oh girl, hang in there...thinking of you!!!

  5. So sorry you are having such a bad week Jules. (((HUGS))) Glad Adam is home and will have Brookie in my thoughts and prayers on Thursday. Hope this week gets better for you. xoxo

  6. oh :((( Sorry to hear you are having a shocking week..but glad to hear there are some ups! Loving these layouts, hope your week gets better xoxo

  7. Sorry to hear about the downs, hugs to you!
    And so glad you have some happy things going on, sure is good to see your son and have graduation party.
    Love that layout with stunning colors and embellishment.
    Last but not least, hugs to Brookie and I will be praying!! hugs...

  8. You are always the sweetest ...hang in there girlfriend... Thinking of you from downunder... Praying for lil Princess Brookie...

    Your layouts have always been an inspiration to me... and you knew that... :wink... hugs...xoxo

  9. A real ups and downs! So sorry for your losses.
    On the other hand, so good that Adam came back home! You're so sweet to celebrate grad for him! He sure looks happy :).
    You really rocked with that lo of yours, and no wonder it sold the line! Way to go for it, girl!
    My fingers are crossed for Brokie going through her 15th (!!!!) surgery.

  10. I am so sorry for the loss of your two friends! What a week. I am thrilled your ds is home with you and his little sister. They both have the exact same smile!

    I will keep your sweet Brooke in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. I am so sorry for the loss of your two friends. My thoughts and prayers are with you..

    Beautiful layout!

  12. Julie, so sorry to hear about your two friends!!
    Hope that this week will go better for you at work!!
    Gorgeous and precious LO!!
    What a compliment from Nikki and so well deserved!!
    Sorry about Brookie and I will be prayign for her!!
    I can't imagine what that is like and my heart and prayers goes out to you, Brookie and your family!!
    Love & prayers!!

  13. My thoughts are with you in this difficult time. Sending big hugs! And little Brookie sure is in my thoughts too. Good luck with the surgery. FAB page!

  14. Thoughts are with you, hope all goes well on Thursday. Loving your Harry Potter creation, just saw the film on Sunday it was amazing, also loving your sicklies layout, take care x.

  15. Such sad losses! I'm so sorry! LOVE this layout! The little popped germs and bandages are great! It really is a fabulous layout! Hope your week takes a turn for the better and am praying now for Brookie's upcoming surgery!

  16. My prayers are with you and Brooke!!!! Big time! And I want you to know that I send my sincere sympathies for the loss of your dear friends. My heart goes out to you. Thirdly, your layout is awesome and amazing, as always! And fourtly, I nominated you for the sweet blog award! You deserve it, my sweet friend!!!!!

  17. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers for Brookie, I'm sure she'll be okay!!

    This is such a touching post, I understand how you've been feeling lately! Sorry about your losses!

    I love the photo of Brookie and Adam, sooooooooooooooo cute!!

    Luv ya, you know you can count on me when you need a friendly shoulder, right?

  18. sorry for the bad week:(~those are tough! super cute LO of you and cutie pie~hang in there it will get better.

  19. oh man! You have such a rollercoaster lately.... you have all the prayers I can muster! Hugs to you all!!

    wow to you 'selling' that line... I think so too - your LO is STUNNING!! Love it and the way you have captured that memory!


  20. Totally deserved the compliments on that page, it's a fabulous one. Best of luck to Miss Brookie for TH. :) And to her mama who has to wait from start to finish.

  21. I am so sorry you are having a tough week. You truly are a sweet person! Brookie will be in my thoughts on Thursday!!! Your LO is fabulous I have a couple pictures I would love to scrap using that collection, I will be getting it. :-) I hope you are having a better week.

  22. So sorry to hear of your losses. Best wishes for Brooke's latest surgery- I totally understand what you mean when you say every time is like the first.

    Huge congrats on your LO that sold the line! It's awesome.

  23. love ya thoughts are with you and brooke.

    your NS layout is super cute. one of your best for sure. congrats on the well deserved recognition.

  24. So sorry to hear that you are sad. I will be lifting you in prayer my friend.

    The Nikki Sivils layout is amazing.

  25. Oh, so sad. Prayers to all. Love the picture of you and Brookie...glad it's in the past ;)

  26. Sorry to hear about your neighbor like that seems to come in multiples. :( Your layout is FANTASTIC!! Totally worthy of Nikki's comments. :) Have a wonderful day! Enjoy your son being home.

  27. Sorry for all the "downs"!! Now..I like hearing the comments about your layout and that Nikki line... (great layout btw).. sounds like you are appreciated and we all know what a great artist you are!! Hope all is well on that front... take care sweetie!

  28. Julie, so sorry to hear about your losses. Praying for you and the families affected. Hope your week gets better!!!

    On a happier note your layout is fabulous and it doesn't suprise my that it inspired so many to buy the products!!! Way to go!! (=

  29. Sending hugs, hugs, hugs, and more hugs your way! Hope this week is better. So glad your boy is home. Praying for sweet little Brookie. :)

  30. So sorry for your loss, Julie. Glad Adam is home & what a great home-coming for him. LOVE the new LO... awesome that buyers loved it! Hugs...

  31. prayers going out for Brookie's surgery. *hugs* to her!!
    Sorry to hear about your neighbor's wife. He is also in my prayers.
    love the layout!! And welcome home to your son!

  32. Big hugs to you my sweet friend! :) Life does throw you some curveballs, eh? Hang in there!!! :)

    I lovelovelove your layout! A perfect example of why we scrapbook! Keeping you and your little one in my thoughts!

    And congrats to the grad! :)

  33. I'm sorry to hear about your sad week.

    That is so fun that your layout *sold* that Nikki line. You really did great work on that page!

    Good luck to Brookie this week and I'll say a prayer for her.

  34. I will be praying for you, Brookie and your family today!!
    Praying everything will go well with the surgery!!
    Big hugs!!

  35. Cyber hugs for you my dear friend.
    You have had a tough ol' week. Take it easy.
    I love your sicklies LO. I can see why it did so well for the collection : )

    Take care and good luck to Brookie for tomorrow.
    Hugs xxx

  36. Oh my that is indeed of highs and lows. I am so sorry about your dear bloggy friend and your neighbor's wife.

    Loved the pics of the sweet pooches and of course your dear kiddos.

    Be blessed my friend!

  37. Ugh! I'm so sorry that you're having such a rough week! And so sad about your neighbor's wife :(.

    Your layout is so sweet! I've only got to play with a few, 6x6 papers from an old Nikki Sivils line, but they were awesome! Plus, from what I've read, I think that she doesn't live too far from me. Oh! And a HUGE congratulations on that amazing comment! Such a reason to be excited :)!

  38. i was so sorry to hear about chris, too; i didn't know her very long but could tell she was a bright spot in anyone's day; also sorry about your neighbor; but i'm glad your son is home and your layout is cute!!

  39. Hi Julie,, I am so sorry to hear about all of the sad news. I am saying prayers for Brookie tomorrow. I am glad your son made it home safe and sound and you were able to celebrate his graduation.
    That is so awesome that your layout made such a difference for that new line at CHA, congratulations! Thats huge! I saw the Harry Potter post,,, I love, love love that project. Its so amazing and I know your friend was over the top excited!
    (()) for you this week my friend,
    Take Care, Gail

  40. Such a sad thing to learn when someone has passed on, I'm sorry for your downs last week. I'm glad Adam is home safe and sound! Great layout, I just love the times in life that you scrap about, so inspiring!

  41. What an emotional roller coaster. My heart goes out to both families who lost the amazing women in their lives. I'm glad you had a big "pick-me-up" with Adam coming home!

    Best of luck to Miss Brookie tomorrow. She is quite the little trooper :)

  42. Wow, good news and sad news all in one post! So sorry for those loses, they are hard. Great news on your layout and I'll be waiting to hear good news on the hospital visit for tomorrow. Poor kid!

  43. Hi, Julie!!
    Hope everything went well today for Brookie?!
    You are all in my thoughts and prayers!!
    Big hugs!!

  44. Sorry to hear about the downs, hugs to you and your family! I love this page, it is so vibrant and full of life.. Hugs

  45. I'm sorry about your emotion heavy week. I just LOVE your awesome layout and I can completely see how it SOLD the line!! I want it now!! :) Wonderful documentation of a tough time :)

  46. Definitely a lot of emotion for you this past week, Julie. Life is like crazy and mixed up at times, but oh, so wonderful still. :)
    I just adore your sicklies layout. Love the strip of band-aids and love the little germies. The kiss and make it better strip is just perfect, too.

  47. Congrats on the layout & the really cool comment from Nicki! So sorry to hear about your week!! Life at times is such a drag...let's hope a new month brings new happiness our way :)


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