Sunday, June 5, 2011

just so you know :):):)

Hi everyone....

Well, this is a first for me :) posting a blog post from my phone :) wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes about my dental appointment yesterday :) I really appreciate it :) my mouth still hurts, and I have to go back on monday to do some more work....I guess this is the price I pay when I have stupidily ignored going to the dentist because of the MAJOR anxiety I have when I am sitting in their bad, that I cry at every visit :(
.but again I want to thank everyone for their well wishes.....I so appreciate it :):):)

Now....for the reason I am posting from my phone :) my internet has NOT been the greatest since we has gone down A LOT since we have been on our new place :( in fact just yesterday we had a tech out and he gave us a new modem.....wellllllllll starting at about 4:30 this morning...our modem went out AGAIN :( this time I spent over an hour on the phone with our internet provider and THEY SAY they are going to have someone out today to fix I wanted you all to know.....I will be back when I can :):):).....

Hopefully there aren't too many spelling errors in this post :) thanks for stopping by....I appreciate it :):):(:):(


  1. Julie. Sorry your mouth hurts. I understand about not wanting to go to the dentist. I'm terrified. Hope your internet issues get fixed correctly and soon.

  2. I hate how much we depend on the internet and computers. I'm very thankful I have a super geek for a husband, but he has another job other than serving all my computer demands for faster speed and higher tech gadgets. Here's hoping that a super blogger like you is back up and running soon.

    BTW.....I have a crapload of goodies going to Nikki for Joplin. I think the shipping is gonna kill me, but hey it's for a good cause...right!

    Love ya'

  3. Oh dear, I better make an appointment at my dentist reading your story. I too am chicken when it comes to sitting in that chair!
    hope your internet will be up and running very soon.

  4. Ohhhh wasn't that long ago I had my own problems w/ internet service and spent like 4 hours on the phone w/ the techs!!
    Good Luck!!

  5. Hmmm.... I'm not sure what's worse? A trip to the dentist or no Internet? Poo on both! :-(

  6. Hey Dear I also had problems with internet .. and that is very molt
    But I understand completely ..
    I was here! not on your blog before but I'll go quietly now look!

    hugs carla

  7. I hope it's fixed soon Julie, your mouth as well as the modem! Hang in there girl...

  8. Shame my friend! I have never posted from my phone - my post would be terrible if I had to try to do that :) I am so sorry you are experiencing so many difficulties with your internet...that is so often the case when you move but it will all be sorted out in the end :)

  9. The dentist is no fun! )= Hope your feeling better soon!! (= Good luck with your internet service. I know how frustating it can be!! We have had our share of computer issues lately!!!

  10. Hope your internet is restored soon...that can be so frustrating!

  11. Good luck Julie! With your mouth AND the internet problems!!


  12. Hugs to ya Julie. I have the same anxiety about the dentist. I'll be going soon myself. Hope your internet is up soon. :)

  13. Sorry to hear about the pain.... hugs.....

  14. My phone is one big autocorrect fail after another, so I'd be scared to post from there LOL. Glad your dental appt went okay and hope you are feeling better now :)

  15. How annoying for the internet. I have major dentist anxiety too. I recently found out I have my first two cavities. I had a major panic attack in the chair. Crying and all. I've never had any dental work done other than cleanings. My grandma made it to 45 w/ no cavities. I thought I had another 10 years or close! ARGH! He wrote me a script for valium. haha I have yet to make the appt to get the cavities done..yet.. I know yours is probably more severe than mine, but we both have the anxiety and thats what is truly the horrible part. At least for me.*hugs*


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