Saturday, April 3, 2010

hi...its me Brookie...come see what I learned to do! :)

hi everyone! its me Brookie! Mommy is frantically cleaning the house right now getting ready for the Easter Bunny to come visit me and Abum tonight, so I thought I would stop in here real quick like and show you some stuff! so can't like totally wait for the Easter Bunny to give me a basket! :) I asked for a new Scooby Doo Movie, so *fingers crossed* i get one! :) 
So Mama's friend Ashley and Vicki got me a REAL kids camera last summer....and like omygosh! i totally love it and like totally getting into now! I wanted to show you all some of my pictures I have been taking with my camera! :)
here is mama and daddy's fan in the living room! :)

and here is Dora the Explorer on my TV!! I just love love love her shoes! :)

and here is my doggy 'Nindy' ...yeah yeah yeah...*whatev* mama is always calling him 'Mr. Dandy' but geesh...doesn't she know that is hard to say for a three year old??? *whatev* so I just call him what I want...I wonder if that is why he never comes to me when I call him??? hmmmmmm??? :)

and here is mama and daddy hanging out on the couch! :)

and here is a tree that is outside my school :)

and here are some of the people that live by me...mama calls them 'neighbors'...*whatev* i just call them the people that live near me :)

and here is my grass :)

and here is my Donald the Duck dressed as an Easter Bunny! mama bought him for me...isn't he cute? :) he is really funny too...if you pick him up by the ears he yells at you to put him down! hehehehehehehe :)

and here is the front of my house from my window in the truck! :)

and here is my mama taking a picture of me while i was taking a picture of her! hehehehehehehehe :)

and i let mama have my camera...just for a second though...*whatev* it is MINE you know! :)

and this is my daddy's truck! :)

so there you have new passion...taking pictures with my camera! I think I do pretty good! I think I should so like teach people how to take pictures! Yeah! I think I will! :) So, what do you all think? I hope you like them! :) Ok...mama's calling me....I have to go now...BYE! :)


  1. Jules... I see real potential for a budding star photographer here! I will have to be crafty to stay out of the way of momma and baby girl paparazzi!

    You rock girl, love this post, made me smile:) bunches.

    Happy Easter to you and the family. Can't wait until we can get together!


  2. cute!!! i gave my girls cameras when they were that age too - always interesting to see what things they think are important! Wish they'd had digital in those days though! Have a lovely Easter.

  3. Cute post....great pictures from a budding photographer.
    Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

  4. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Great pictures, Brookie! I especially love the one of you that Mama took, though! And just wondering... do you have a men/women sign on your bathroom door or were you out & about when that photo was taken? :-)

    Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Easter & I hope the Bunny brings you the video! Fingers crossed!


  5. i was sooo confused to see another person with my name post a comment... i saw my name and thought i know i havent read this post before lol... not a very common name!! anyway... super fun pics... your daughter is cute cute cute!!!

  6. yay!!! brookie, you take such great photos.. just like your momma! :) are you going to scrap them too?

    Happy Easter! Hope you get the scooby doo movie!


  7. Yea Brookie...
    You did an awesome job taking pictures. Love the fan, and yes Dora's shoes are just beautiful. Maybe one of these days you can have a pair like that too? (Hint for Mom...) Come on now Julie you can just scrapbook a pair. Ha! Ha! Now knowing you, you will do just that.

    Brookie you took a GREAT picture of your doggie, and Moma and Daddy and how about your neighbors. You are going to grow up and be just like your beautiful Moma.

    Happy Easter sweetie and I am sure that Easter Bunny will be bringing you Scooby-Doo video. Let me know.

    Have a beautiful blessed day Julie. What day is Brookie's surgery? Please let me know, I will be saying extra prayers. Love ya girl...Sherry

  8. how cute is brookie?? I love how "she" tells the story of her picture taking adventures!!! :) :) :)
    Those are some great pics for a little girl!!!
    So happy to welcome you to Scrap it Forward!!! I am very excited to work with you!

  9. Great story and I love to make pricture to Brooke, great pictures you make!

  10. Brookie your photos are very cool and the story that goes with it amazing. Hugs to you and you Ma!

  11. Very cute. Great pics she took. What a cutie pie!

  12. Love these pics Miss did such a great job!!

    Have fun and I hope the Easter Bunny brings you that Scooby Doo movie!!!

  13. LOL - what a giggle from beginning to end!!!!

    Love 'whatev'!!!! I visualised the lot!!!

    What wonderful Easter pics to come...and there is NOTHING like a Child's perspective!!

    Crackup...this is my grass heh heh heh!!! total Crack-up!!

    Have a wonderful wonderful Easter
    hugs from Tassiexxxxxx

  14. soooo cute, life in the eyes of a child!
    Hey Mom, e-mail me some pics of Mr. Dandy! I'm on a pet kick lately for the line!!!!!!!
    Happy Easter to you guys! What I want for Easter, Donovan Mcnabb to play for SF! Or I'll just take Donovan McNabb for me too! lol

  15. I loved all the wonderful photos. Very artistically shot. Have a great day!

  16. Oh Brookie!!! You tell your momma that she should let you take over the blog for a month or so!!!

    I could stand to see some more of those amazing pictures!!! (make sure to get some of your momma when her hair is all messy and she has food on her face or soemthing...and then post them!)


  17. Awwww. such fun to see life through her eyes.

    Have a wonderful day and Happy Easter!!!! =)

  18. Wow Brookie - definately a photographer and future scrapbooker in the making.
    Great photos darling and I hope you enjoyed your easter. xx
    Tell everyone happy easter from my family to yours. xx

  19. this is adorable.... great pictures Brookie... you're gonna be just like your mama... good girl!!!
    {{hugs & happy Easter}} Michelle

  20. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! How fun is that? Great photos!

  21. Adorable pics Miss Brookie...just like your momma's :)

  22. Brookie -- great job with the photographs! Keep it up, you're doing such a great job! I can't wait to see your next batch of photos! :)

  23. You rock!!!!! Can't wait to see more!!!!

  24. You are definitely a good photog Brookie! I love all those pics - hope you got your Scooby Doo movie and had a fabulous Easter!!!

  25. Oh wow Brookie.. I see the Kodak genes are with you here!!;)
    I LOVE all those photo's!
    Gorgeous girl!

  26. Great pictures, Brookie! My Simon Cooper has taken many just like yours. The fan and our dogs are his favorite things to snap. Have a great week, Sweetie Pie! :)

  27. The world through the eyes of a three year old. I LOVE it. Those kids cameras are pretty darn cool :)

  28. You know that old saying??? "if you want to see the world through the eyes of a child give them a camera" I love all the pictures your little princess took, I think pictures taken by children are the greatest that's why our kids have full access to 1 of our cameras and the other camera under full supervision :)
    Those are going to be fun pictures to do a layout with.
    Have a wonderful week.


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