Sunday, February 21, 2010

wass up? its me adam again...wanna see what i did yesterday?

wass up everyone? adam here again...and my mom said i could take over again in here and show everyone what i did for my birthday yesterday. dude. i love this being in charge stuff. i think mom should let me take over more. hee.
so we went to the bowling alley first. had so much fun. brookie thought she was bowling, but just between me and you, it was mom or papa mike or even my friend garrison that was doing it for her. i wish peeps would have bowled for me, cuz brookie (well, mom- hee) kicked our butts in the first game!
here are some photos of the stuff we did there.
oh. but first let me like totally rewind here. my mom is evil. pure flippin' evil i tell you. i can't believe i am sharin' this- but whatev- this is what she does to me every flippin' birthday since i have been born- she brings the camera into my bedroom and wakes me up by singing "happy birthday" - dude - doesn't she know i'm a teenager and all i want to do is sleep in? so what if it was 9 in the morning - i need more sleep - but whatev- let me show you what she gets when she wakes me up this way.


she wakes me up this way and what? expects me to be all smiles and crud? whatev! its all good though - i guess someday i will appreciate this - whatev - at least that's what mom says! 
ok. so onto the fun part of my day!
this is where we went!

 and what was wayyyyyyyyyyy cool was they had the black lights on, so it was like cosmic bowlin' in the day.....

and here are some pics of us all bowling.






Oh. and i so flippin' need this. like really need this. the dale jr. one of course!

and here is me and my friend garrison

and garrison with his dad jason

and me and mom and mom with brookie. i know you are all like so shocked to see so many pics of my mom - but dude- she gave free rein to my papa with the camera (i'm telling ya - she never gives that camera up as freely as she has in the past two days - its like really freakin' me out - maybe this is her reverse psychology on me - instead of me freakin' her out in my teenage years - she's gonna freak me out instead - sooooooooo can not deal with that.... ugh)


and here is me and brookie

then we came back to my place and two of my other friends came over for cake and ice cream - dude - check this ice cream out that my dad got me - is this like flippin' perfect for me or what? 

and mom was cool and made cupcakes and a cake for me - really - i might give her a bunch of crap - but i do love her - just don't tell her that - hee - and she used green frosting cuz she like knows that green has been my fave color like forever


and here i am blowing out the candles

and mom was so funny - you know how you get icing on the bottom of the candles? so mom goes - i'll let Mr. dandy lick the bottoms of the candles - what i don't think she realized was - hee - that Mr. dandy would try and eat them! hee!


and then we opened presents. so cool - my nana sue and papa mike decorated my envelope for my card with quarters- cha-ching! 

and here is some of my presents


oh and here's a photo of me, garrison and my other friends jacob and andrew that came over. you know my mom is so like gonna scrap this one! ugh. 

it was a cool day. can't wait till next year. dude - thanks for lettin' me take over mom's blog for the day again- and thanks to everyone that told me happy birthday - you all rock!


  1. Looks like a fabulous birthday!!!!
    I love me some Star Wars!!!
    Julie-your hair looks super cute up with bangs!!!

  2. sounds like an awesome birthday, ABUM! :) my dad and 2 brothers are so into bowling right now, and i'm not that into it. maybe it's because i just suck at it! :) and how spoiled you are that your LOVING momma made you cupcakes and a cake! yummmm!!! :) tell her to make me something! ;)

    mr. dandy has it going on with those candles. please please please don't pass that memo to maui and hilo. they'll eat that candle right up! LOL.

    hugs to your mom and to brookie too! :)

  3. it realy looks like it was a fun birthday!!!
    (i noted it wrong i think about corinne, she's only quit with scrapping for others, magazines ect, well that's what i have read:)
    have a nice day!

  4. So cool. Looks like you had an amazing day....Great shots of you and your mom...Cosmic bowling rocks....Happy Birthday Adam.

  5. Sounds like you had a flippin' great birthday dude!
    Mr Dandy, lol, what a cutie!!!!!!!!!! xOxO

  6. julie. it was so nice to see all the pics! i'm glad he had a fun birthday! and we need to see more julie pics cuz you look gorgeous in those photos!

  7. Love all the fun pics, it looks like you had a great day! And tell your mom her hair was CUTE!

  8. Happy Birthday Adam! Looks like a fun day!

  9. Looks like you had a great time with your friends and fam!!! I see some awseome gifts and yummie cake!! Love the pics you made, your mom should let you take pics more often, so we can see some more about her!!!!
    Enjoy your gifts!!!

  10. Julie, love all the fun pics!
    Happy Birthday Adam!
    Tks for your sweet coments. hugs

  11. So glad you had a super birthday Adam. I wish somebody would make cupcakes for me! Our only bowling alley here closed so there is no bowling around here. Be sure to tell your mom her hair is very cute! Have a great week and a super year!

  12. Happy Birthday, Adam! Wow a teenager, you are just growing right up. I'm glad you got some pics of your momma, she is such a pretty lady and we don't get to see her too often. Have a great 13th year!:)

  13. Happy Birthday! I love that checked flag ice cream. Yummy!

  14. Hey Adam!!Dude!! ;)
    Looks like you had a blast!!Love that shirt you got...and the starwars is really cool!I can totally imagine you leave "the taking pictures" part of life up to Brookie...with your mom, after 13 years,I just know she has more than enough picures taken of you ;)
    So cool your mom made those cakes for you and so cool to hang out with your friends!Have a super cool 13 year!!Enjoy!

  15. That a perfect party for a teen!! He looks just like you in that photo...remarkable!!

  16. hope you had a great day adam.

  17. What an awesome birthday! Star Wars rules! lol :D

  18. What a perfect day!!!! YAY! ADAM!

  19. Happy birthday Adam!! We know your Mum loves ya!! Love that tshirt!!!

  20. Oh, that is so much fun! I love all of your presents, I bet it was a great day. Or at least it looks like it! I love bowling, not good at it but I like it. " )

  21. Looks like you have an amazing birthday and great gifts!
    And yes she will scrap that picure;)

  22. What a fun party.... Bryn's been thinking of maybe having her birthday party at a bowling alley, too! Although, I'm sure her mind will change about 50 times between now & June... :-)

    Happy Birthday, again, Adam! Your green cake looks yummy!

    Have fun at 13!

  23. happy belated birthday adam!!! You are hilarious! :) lol!! You actually gave me a really good idea to use reverse psychology on my son once he is a teenager, lol!
    It looks like you guys had a blast on your birthday, i love all the photos!!

  24. looks like you had a great day... and soooooooooooooo much fun... love the cake.... yum!!!
    happy birthday... have a super-fantastic-magnificent-wonderful-fabulous-stupendous-outrageous... 13th year...{{hugs}} Michelle

    p.s. that goes for you too mom!! teehee!!


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