Friday, November 27, 2009

*because I truly believe our talents are inherited* :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Hi all....

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I hope all my US friends and family had a wonderful Turkey day!!! We did!!!! OMYGOSH!!! Ok....some of U may remember that for MANY MANY MANY years I have visited what I call, "The Christmas Walk Through House"....and for MANY MANY MANY MANY years I have ALWAYS wanted to BUY one of the home owners (Bern) creations....for U see....this man has been decorating and OPENING his home to the people in Arizona for 55 YEARS and HAND crafts all of the decorations!!!! Welllllllllll....every year, SOMETHING has come up and I haven't been able to afford one of his pieces of art!!! THIS YEAR WAS MY YEAR!!!! I have been SAVING my change ALL YEAR and last NIGHT...I was able to BUY my VERY BERN CREATION!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! let me tell U...I was BAWLING LIKE A BABY!!!!!! LOL!!!! I was soooooooooooooooo emotional about the WHOLE thing....and Bern looks at me and says, "Young lady, why are U crying?" and I told him...."U have noooooooooooo idea how long I have wanted to own one of your pieces of art...and I have been saving my change all year to come see U tonight!!" he just got the BIGGEST smile on his face and said, "Well, now U own one!" *sigh*....sooooooooooooooooo here I am with Brian and Bern and my AMAZING BERN CREATION!!!! *swoon* :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) (And me crying like a baby!!! LOL)

And here are some of his other creations.... *love* :):):):):):):):):):):):)



And the saddest news I have read in a longgggggggggggggggggg time.....*sigh*

Ok....blubbering over and BACK to my title of this post!!! LOL! :):):):) I really truly with all my heart believe that our talents we have are passed down....may not be right from your parents....but maybe an Aunt, an Uncle, a Sister....whatever...we all have certain talents...and I see the beauty in all of it....with that being SAID....I want to share some things "I spied" around my folks home on Turkey day.....I am not a "fabulous" photographer...but I do HAVE a LOVE for photography that I got from my Father and my maternal Grandfather......
Here is my Dad's favorite piece EVER that my Mom MADE!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

And here is an Owl my Mom made :):):):):):):):)

And DOESN'T EVERY TURTLE....need shells on his back and a rolling tray to help him get around??? LOL! :):):):):):):):)

And we saw some of him and his relatives.... :)

And here are the kids having some fun at Nana and Papa's :):):):):):):)




And here are the "boys" :)

And the "girls" :)

And since it is ALMOST the end of November...I had to get in my montly photo with the kids :):):):):):)

And here are Brookie's new shoes :)

And her making one of her famous HAM FACES! LOL! :):):):):)

And this one's for lol lol lol....see girl....someone enjoyed the Thanksgiving Day FEAST!!! LOL LOL LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Thanks for visiting....and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to all....I got a couple of blog awards lately...from Jacque and Katy...and I will be doing those shortly :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  1. This is such an awesome post!!! I just love sharing in your photo gallery!!!! That food looked like it was yummy!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  2. omg, I have been away too long! Look at all these precious photos! So happy you got your art!! YaY!
    I hope you & your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving! (I hope you didn't watch your team last night, that would have ruined the amazing dinner!!) YIKES! WTH is going on with SF and NY anyways. Oh well, there's always next year!!!!!!!!! I'm so upset!ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    love you, deb

  3. Love your touching story! And love your new art work! I am glad that you had a happy thanksgiving Julie.

  4. soooooooooo happy you were able to get a piece of art.... it's just adorable... Rainee loved it... because of course it has a dog!!! love it!!!

    enjoyed the photos of your day... and Brookies shoes.... but my favorite is the one of you with the kids!!!

    Have a great weekend!!! {{HUGS}} Michelle

  5. Thank you sooo much for posting that on here!!! I love those creations! I can't believe that he's been doing it for that long...that's great! Brookie looks so cute in her new shoes....and such a lovely headband! Love, Jess

  6. this is the worst sign ever, but I understand where he is coming from

  7. So cool that you finally got your Bern Creation! I know you've wanted one forever! I'm lovin' your cute necklace, too! :-)

    Cute Thanksgiving photos... looks like you had a GREAT day with your family! Have a GREAT weekend, too!

    PS. You really do have a GREAT memory.... the AZ dress... :-)

  8. YOU crack me up!!!!! :):):):):)

    I'm sooooooo glad you got in on the Thanksgiving feast!!! (pass those mashed potatoes please!) LOL

    You had me crying with your post about Bern. How awesome that you now own a piece of his art. What a fun & happy place he has.

    I put up my tree today so all is well in Christmas world! :) xo

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Friend!! You have some fabulous memories in those pix!!! Wonderful time of year Thanksgiving is and I am so green with envy to see that you guys are wearing shorts, I suppose it is because you are in a warm part of the country and I should just suck it up that I am not!!
    So happy that you now are the proud owner of a treasuree piece of Art, perfect for the Christmas Queen that you are, your story warmed my heart and brought a tear!!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend sweetie!!
    Big Hugs xOxO Nerina :)

  10. I love love the picture from the the tree and love Brooke running, that picture tells so much!

  11. What a wonderful and heart warming post...So glad that you got your Bern Creation!!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  12. Congrats on finally getting your very own creation, that is such an awesome feeling! Wow, your whole family is mega talented!!! Love the pics!

  13. So cool Julie, you finally got your Bern creation!!Love it!
    Love your photo's..looks your family had a wonderful thanksgiving!Love your blog look!!!
    Have a fab weekend!

  14. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Congrats on finally getting your Bern work of art!!! How exciting! You captured some really great shots of your kiddos. I love the one where they're both peeking from behind the tree :)

  15. How WONDERFUL! Im so glad for you! You picked out such a wonderful piece to decorate your house with. So sad to see it coming to an end. You made it sound so amazing to see. Wish I had a chance to see his house. Have a great weekend sweets!

  16. Glad you got your Bern creation! It's cute! Sad that he is done soon :(
    Love all your holiday pics! What a great way to spend a day!

  17. Your post brought tears to my eyes - I am so so happy you were able to get your Bern creation; it's just wonderful - so you! And your pix of your parents' treasures was so cool! glad you had a great holiday. Have a great weekend!

  18. You know i love Bern's creations, it's so sad he has to stop!! (but good for you you got one this year otherwise you might have been to late)
    Love all the pics fro Thanksgiving, looks like you all had a great time!!!

  19. Wow, what a great post this is. Its wonderful that you had your Berns creation, i don't know it, but its look beautiful.
    Lovely photo's.
    Have a great weekend....

  20. That is so sad about Bern - I know how you feel, near us is a house that goes over the top for christmas and it has always been so special to visit it each year and last year was they couldn't participate due to health (same this year). Thank goodness you got your Bern Creation now or you may have missed out.
    Great photos that you have shared. xx

  21. Congratulations with your long-wanted Bern creation!!! I can imagine you cried (I know I would!) I love all the photo's you shared!

  22. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  23. I soooo love all your photos, your Bern purchase that you FINALLY got and your mom's creations! You should totally find other "Bern" fans and decorate his house for him next year!
    Love ya, miss ya!

  24. gorgeous pics missy j2 and yes definately more than 36 stamps lol

  25. Loved reading through your post Julie...You live in a fab place!! We have hardly any Christmas decorations up in town as yet but with the first of December just around the corner the place should start to get festive....Hope you and your Family have a wonderful festive season!!

  26. I'm so excited for you that you bought your first Bern creation!!!


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