Saturday, October 24, 2009

*society rulez 101 for him and her* aka....inspired by the amazing jeanet :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Hi all......

wanted to show some lo's i have made and also some YUMMY happy mail!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Yesterday...on Jeanet's blog...she made an amazingly touching lo for point.blank.period.....and i was sooooooooooooooooo inspired by her words...that i made this lo....just because :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

title: *society rulez 101 for him and her*

*he can wear blue*          *she can wear blue*
*he can play sports*          *she can play sports*
*he can't wear pink*          *she can wear pink*
*he learns to be a man*          *she gets to be a tomboy*
*he learns not to cry*          *she learns to cry to make it all better*
*he plays with G.I. Joe*          *she plays with G.I. Joe and Barbie*
*he only watches "guy" movies*          *she can watch any movie she wants*
*he can be a chef at a 5-star restaurant*          *she can stay home and cook*
*he is respected when he joins the military*          *she is considered crazy if she joins the military*
*he is told he can have any career*          *she is told that women don't work here*
*he can fix cars*          *she takes her car to the shop*
*he is told to defend his honor*          *she is told to defend everyone*

*sigh* this is only my opinion of course....this is what i observe between the sexes....this is NOT what i like...I am a strong believer that boys "can" play with whatever they want, wear pink and CRY....but sadly.....they are judged by society if they do......sooooooooooooo at the bottom i wrote, "BREAK THE MOLD" :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)






then, i also wanted to share the lo i made for the current poem over at- "scrap that poetry" :):):):):):) this time its - "Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou".....this is my Mom, and 2 of my Aunts :):):):):):):):):):):):) I used kits on this lo and the *society* one :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)





and i wanted to share SOME MAJOR HAPPY mail!!!!!!! 3 of my Dutch girls.....Jeanet, Jenneke and Hanneke got together a few weekends ago.....and as a SURPRISE...they EACH made me a LO!!!! WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! i am soooooooooooooooooooo excited that they did this!!!! I consider each of them a friend and each of them BEYOND talented....and NOW I own a piece of their art!!!!!! Here are my girls hanging out!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jenneke, Jeanet and Hanneke....aren't they GORGEOUS?!?!?! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

And here are the lo's they made for me!!!!!! WOW BEAUTIFUL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jenneke's :)

Hanneke's :)

and Jeanet's :)

 Thanks girls from the bottom of my HEART! I loveeeeeeeeeeee them!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

and i got me some happy mail from Deana and Bryn too!!!!!! Deana made me a get well soon card and sent me some scrappy goodiness and BRYN....OMYGOSH BRYN made me the COOLEST EVER shrinky-dinks!!!!! Ummmmmmmmmmmmm hello SMILEY FACES!!!!! Thanks girls!!!! And NEXT SUNDAY....I get to see Deana and Bryn and hubby Bob and Sarah and Gloria!!! I sooooooooooooo can NOT WAIT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

LOVE TO ALL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  1. Those shrinky dinks crack me up. I was like, "Wow, you put some big teeth on there!" LOL! :-)

    I really ♥ how the 3 LO's from Hanneke, Jenneke, & Jeanet are all color coordinated! Soooo cute & sooo sweet, too!

    REALLY, REALLY ♥ that Society Rulez LO. I think it's my new FAV Julie LO. Great design, great color combo & I ♥ the pop of black in the middle from the title. Awesome!

    3 Phenomenal Women is beautiful, too! I ♥ that old photo... great layering & I ♥ the little pearls on there!

    8 more days! :-)

  2. Oh wow...what can I say...fantastic layout about society Julie..I just love your words and thanks so much for your beautiful words on my blog!It means so much to me!!Totally love your design on this one..the her and his part on both sides and inbetween the society "rules"..and of course at the bottom break the mold...such a strong LO!Loving your title work and the stitching as always!
    And what a gorgeous LO about the phenomenal women in your life..beautiful papers and how you mix those elements is awesome!LOve your stitching and title rock those beautiful NM kits!!
    And I am so glad those layouts of us made it safe and sound..without being folded or orse ;)
    You lucky girl...gorgeous happy mail from Deana and excited you get to meet each other!
    Have a fab weekend and thank you so much again..LOVE U!!

  3. I will try this a 2nd time - I had written a pretty long comment and a big pickup drove by my house. Sometimes cars and truck vibrations interfere with our wireless system and knock me off so here goes again - what an incredible and moving post this is - I just love all the awesome layouts - yours and the Dutch trio. I so totally agree with your him and her layout, and just love the pix. Your poetry layout is such a lovely tribute and so moving - I love the photo - the clothes! (and my mother's name was Hazel). I will have to check out the poetry blog - did you see that OLW has shut down? and then how cool are the layouts by Jenneke, Jeanet, and Hanneke (have you seen her new avatar pic and her new blog header - very cool!) and what sweet happy mail! Thanks for sharing your layouts and thoughts, and have a great weekend!

  4. yay for happy mail!!!!!! :)

    ...and i LOVE the "break the mold" part. you know how i totally do that. hahaha. :)

    hope you are def feeling better. gloria is actually fighting a cold right now. just got sick yesterday. bwech. i'm hoping that i don't get sick. keep your fingers crossed.

  5. OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH Wow!!! I just love your Phenomenal Woman layout you made!!! Thanks for joining us!

    The layouts your friends made are just amazing and what a wonderful tribute to you!

    I am so going to do a similar layout for my kids... I can't wait go check out Jeanet's blog to see her layout!

    You are always inspiring!

  6. I love the LO's you've made and you are so right about the society rules.
    I totally agree with you!!

    And I love the LO's Jenneke, Jeanette and Hanneke made for you!!
    What a wonderful gift!!!

  7. hey baby!!!!!!!!! how are you?? I love your layouts so much!! I so wish I could create awesome layouts like that! and I love love the alphas on there! You got some awesome presents, too! love
    Hope you are having a good weekend!
    Miss you!

  8. WOW!!!! I Love your Him and Her LO!!!!! You are so right too. You have been a busy girl I see. I love all of your projects. They are so bright and stunning!!!! And how lucky are you to get such great gifts!!!Hugs Girlie <3 Jamie

  9. WOW that him and hers LO is soooo awesome, I so agree on that, I'll og check Jeanet's blog tomorro (it's late and I am going to sleep now) Love the one of the Phenemonal women as well!!! What a swet card Deana send you and those smolies are so cute!!And i am so glad you like the LO's we made you!!!

  10. Love, love, love your society rules page...truly inspiring! I agree with everything you you would say..."AMEN"! LOL! Gorgeous phenomenal women are the master of beautiful pages! I can see why you love all of your happy is all so awesome! Hope you are having a great weekend!!!! XOXO l

  11. What a beautiful tribute to the women in your family, I love this layout! That is some major happy mail you got there, too cool!

  12. Julie, I love your layouts! The society rules one is awesome and I really love the one for Scrap That Poetry!! Thank you so much for playing along with us over there:) Oh, and I really wanted to thank you again for emailing me about Lucas. I've said it before and will say it truly are a very special person and sooo caring! Love you, Jess

  13. Love it! The break the mold lo is amazing, in fact, they all are! And how sweet of the girls to make you each a lo! I need to get on my handmade gift to you so I can send your lo along also! And today I emailed you a fun game, come play! It is super easy and you only have to make one thing! Anything! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! XoXo

  14. So sweet of the girls!
    And i love your own work! I miss your work at SIS I'm glad I found your blog!

  15. WOW what a comment did I write yesterdayevening late!!!??????? Tomorro, a swet card and smollies?????? What was wrong with me??????

  16. I LOVE that "Break the mold" LO, that is so kewl! Might be taking some inspiration ;)


  17. Sooooooooo gorgeous!!! Love your lists of gender difference!! Wow that is just sooo inspiring Julie!!
    What stunning LO's you got from 3 fab dutch ladies!! I'd love to meet them too!!!

    Lucky you with the happy mail...soooo fun!

  18. Julie, that "break the mold" LO is just amazing, it's beautiful and I'm amazed at your design ... big titles, 2 large pictures and all of that journaling ... wow, congrats for getting all of that on one page AND making it look gorgeous! Sadly some of what you said is true, though some things definitely don't apply here in Belgium ... f.e. girls can become chefs if they want to, and as far as having a career is concerned, well, almost all the girls here have a career. Girls like me, SAHM's, are looked upons as weird (or crazy ... either way). Maybe it's just a different perspective we have on things, or maybe it's the difference between America and Belgium ... I think it's the latter. In fact, talking with my American friends online has helped me a lot with my "shame" of being a SAHM, it's just not all that done here! People here tend to put things like luxury over family values. Of course, in many cases the women here don't even get to choose ... life has become so expensive that a lot of times women don't have a choice, they have to work or the bills won't get paid...
    As far as guys wearing pink goes ... they certainly are allowed here in Belgium ... not sure how I feel about that though LOL. I'll take any other colour any day LOL. Well, you did it again, you certainly gave me something to think about! Thanks sweetie!
    xxx Peggy

    PS. Of course I love the other LO as well, I just don't have to say as much about that one LOL.

  19. Oh Julie....I just love all the LO's and you amaze me my sweet friend with your talent...Everything you touch turns to GOLD!!!! Thanks for for sharing with us and keeping us inspired!!!!!! I love what the girls did for you!!!! Are they not the best and the CUTEST TOO!!!! Wishing you a great week and thank you for all of your comments that you leave me...I so look forward to hearing from you!!!! We must exchange phone numbers...I just want to hear your sweet voice!!!!! :-)

  20. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! This post was chock full of goodness! That Society Rules LO is "da bomb" for sure! :):):):):):):):)

    And how special are those layouts from Hanneke, Jenneke, & Jeanet?! Each totally unique.

    OMG!!!! Those shrinky dinks from Bryn are SO YOU! The smilies, the sunshine!!!! :):):):) Made me happy on this cool Sunday morning.

    Have a great day lovely.

  21. Love your pages Julie! I love all the older photos you keep using in your layouts. How awesome to receive all of those adorable pages and the happy mail!! Lucky you :)

  22. Thanks for sharing this, Julie, this is so true and so unfair sometimes... Love the layout you made and the pages the girls made for you! Luv ya

  23. I love your society rules layout! ESPECIALLY the part about breaking the mold!!! So cool! Great happy mail you've been getting! and thanks for the link to Scrap That Poetry! I love your layout, and that poem! I'm going to add them to my challenge list!

  24. Oh WOW Julie... that "rules" layout is gorgeous... yes, Jeanet's layouts are very inpiring! I'm totally with you guys, when it comes to breaking those society rules!!!

  25. You have been spoiled, Julie!!!!! Happy Mail from Holland (I'm glad you like them!!) and Happy Mail from Deana and Bryn, lucky you!!
    Everything has already been said about the Society Rules layout! It's just PERFECT!
    The one about the 3 women is gorgeous too, I love the papers you used! Never ordered a kit from the States because the shipping makes them so expensive, but I love Noel Mignons kits!

    Have a GREAT week, dear Julie!


  26. Hi sweetness, so sorry to hear you have not been well :o( I am so slack, have not blogged in over a week so feel outt the loop LOL. You are always soooooo gorgeous, thanks for your comments as always and so much gorgeuosness in this post. Hope you got your lil flowers ok? Bit worried as I gave them to my mother-in law to post ages ago now and she is a bit dottery LOL, hope they arrived ok, lot's of love and friendship, till next time, Tiff xx.

  27. what beautiful lo's-all inspirational in so many ways!!!! thanks for sharing them and introducing me to that kit! i'm definitely going to check it out :)
    thanks for playing along at scrap that poetry :)


  28. i'm so glad to hear you are feeling better! how sweet of your gals to make you lo's - the perfect gift for a scrapper.

    i really like how you did the society rulez page. the compare/contrast is perfect:)

  29. YIKES! I am just now getting over here...
    amazing happy super sweet are those layouts!!!? AWESOME!!
    AND, miss SCRAP! GOLD STAR for you for your PHENOMENAL WOMEN l/o!! i adore that photo, and super LOVE that little journaling spot! HOW COMPLETELY adorable!! and OF COURSE i ALWAYS love your TITLES!! amazingly amazing, girlie :) :)


  31. Wow, talk about a thought provoking layout!
    Julie, this is the best yet.
    I LOVE your journaling
    Isn't it sad how society dictates these "rules" to our children?
    I agree with you, let's break the mold.

  32. Society Rules LO ROCKS!!!! Love the photos, title , journaling, stitching, EVERYTHING!!!!!
    Phenomenal Women LO is also beautiful, gotta love the older photos and stories too!!!
    And lets not forget about the dutch girls, how awesome are they!!!! Each of their LO's are FABULOUS!!! and then happy mail to top off everything!!!! I say you had quite a week!!!!

  33. I love your layouts and those layouts that the girls across the pond made for you are amazing!

  34. All of these LOs are fantastic!! The battle of the sexes are absolutely adorable!! Your kidlets are the cutiest!!! Your Dutch girls sure know how to make a girl feel loved!!

  35. Wow, Julie - these are some awsome LOS! - both the ones you've created and the ones created for you :) Love your phenomenal woman LO - and the girl/boy stuff - too bad it has to be that way, and awful that it still is in so many ways.


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