Friday, September 11, 2009

Always Remember.....Never Forget.......

Hi all.....
Today is 9/11.....eight years ago today, I cried more tears than any human should ever have was the first time that I have had a fear like no is a day that I hoped and prayed for loved ones to be is a day that I hugged my baby Adam is a day that changed the is a day that no one should ever is a day that new heroes were born and the word "unity" took on a deeper meaning for all of is 9/11........

I want to thank everyone for their positive and uplifting comments on the LO I made honoring the anniversary of Aleida's passing......I was so touched and honored that so many of you have said that you will start taking photos with your kids and husband's.....thank you for that......I know she is smiling down on us, knowing that so many of us are going to carry on her legacy........tomorrow is the one year anniversary of her thoughts and prayers are with her family this week also......

And Kristina....this is a message to you....I know that this week was an anniversary for you also....please know that I love you and sending prayers and love to you also.......

And to my dear Jamie....I am so sorry for your loss this week....prayers and love to your family.... love u!

I will be back later tonight (fingers crossed!) to post another special lo....and to show off some special girls out there that I think are amazing! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
LOVE TO ALL! :):):):):):):):):):):)


  1. Yes Julie...we won't forget..we cannot!We just talked bout it this mornig.I remember I was at work and my colleaque shouted come over here and look at what happened...Horrible!All those people who died and their families right sorry for them!
    I am very anxious to see what special LO you made Julie!

  2. You get NO sandwiches until I get a photo! And that's final! ;P

  3. Thank you for this tribute Julie....This day will always hold many memories for all of us...where we were....loved ones lost....the devestation that we all felt!!!! I can still feel the fear creep back....when I heard that Washington DC was under seige and I could not get in touch with Joe....I screamed. I cried..I just wanted to hear his voice....four hours later...he was able to get through to me and to tell me he was safe....but Amtrak was under total lock down and he did not know when he would be able to return home!!!! The tirbute that you for Aleida is so touching and she has a place in all of our hearts!!! Hold your loved one close everyday and keep smiling!!! :)

  4. We will never forget!!!! Even overhere in Europe everybody was in total shock!!!!!! Thanks for you beautiful words!
    Love, Hanneke

  5. I will never forget and always pray for those who lost loved ones for no good reason:( Wonderful tribute and can't wait to see your layout!! Love, Jess

  6. Amen to this, and thank you for all you do in our blogging community- so glad to have met you!You are awesome....xoxo love deb

  7. Thanks for your words, Julie, we won't forget that sad day, never will...

    Okay... I'll come back later to see what you're up too, can't wait!!

    love you :)

  8. I will never forget that....

    Hugs ♥

  9. Hard to forget with so many reminders daily. This never ending war. The "terror threat level" at airports and border crossings. The black band on firemens badges and trucks for their lost brothers. And the Memorials on peoples car windows that I see daily, even here. I remember seeing a list of passengers on FLT 93 that died and seeing a name of an old friend of mine that I lost touch with. I wasnt able to get in touch with anyone that knew anything about the victim, or my friend. But the name was the same. I thought, how strange, but it made sense that he could have been on that flight. Finally a week later the faces were all published with the names (by this time I was frantic) and I saw the face, and it wasnt him. Relief. But I thought of all the people that couldnt get in touch with family members and my heart went out to them. I wish the war would end. But because of our nations strength and unity, we will always fall victim to the jealous.

  10. I remember this day all to well. I was in the bathroom Angel, who was just 2yrs old, and dh was in military school in VA. We were staying with my dad till his schooling was over. All I remember hearing was Angel crying really loud saying NO DADDY! At this time I rushed out of the bathroom and saw the replays over and over again on the tv and finally knew why Angel was crying saying NO DADDY. He knew daddy was away and would be working on aircrafts for the military and he thought it was his daddy's plane. Talk about dealing with nightmares for 2yrs since then. It didnt help much that once the nightmares stop it started back up again. This was cause daddy was be sent to the sand box. This day was so hurtful for many. As well as the days leading up to now. So I want to say thanks to all who have given and risked your lives so people like myself and my family can have a better one. HUGS to you all and RIP CHRIS!

  11. Yes, we won't forget that day...
    Your tribute was so lovely!!

  12. I will never forget 9/11, I was sick in bed and woke up to the news showing the images from NY, I just wanted to go back to sleep and wake up and it all be a bad dream.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Julie :)

  13. thank you,too.


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