Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some Beauty and Some Food and a little SOAPBOX! :):):):):):):):):):)

Hi all.....

Wowwwwwwwwwww!!! What a WEEK!!!! I have been soooooooooo BUSY....well, the WHOLE family has been busy!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):)

Our newest challenge is up at These are a Few of My Favorite Things!!! :):):):) This time around we wanna see your FAVE FOOD!!!!! Talk about YUMMY!!! Hope U all can PLAY! :):):):):):):):):):):):) When I married my 100% POLISH Hubby...I was introduced to the AMAZING WORLD of PIEROGIES!!! And if U look CLOSELY at this LO and see there is a woman peering at me as I am trying to eat my YUMMY is what I have to say about that......."Journaling: Just so you know... I see you eyeing my pierogies- and you better back off! They are MINE All mine mine mine!!" :):):):):):):) And a few of my friends sent me some goodies that helped make this LO....and some of those friends think because they helped by sending me goodies to make the LO....then I should send them some PIEROGIES!!! Ummmmmmmmmm.....did they NOT read my journaling??? LOL!!! :):):):):):):):):)

Paper from Sarah
GCD tag from Deana
Hearts from Jeanet
Ribbon from Mandy
SASS arrow from Nikki
Love Story tag from LivingRoomFloor's ETSY shop! :):):):):):):):):)

And I wanted to share the TWO LO's I made for One Little Word (OLW)! :) This time the word is BEAUTY....and I couldn't decide which photo I wanted to use...sooooooooooooo I made TWO LO's!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

The first one....the title reads: "Beauty is... ...finding an old family photo." This is a photo of three of my Aunts, one of my Uncles, my Mommy (in the front wearing the lilac) and my Grandfather (my Mommy hand is on his knee). This is THE KODAK group my friends....I will have to double check with my Mommy....but I believe that ALL of these family members worked for Kodak....(I am only NOT sure of the Uncle and one of the Aunts).....I used mostly a kit on this....with a few vintage items added in.....the flower in the bottom corner is from my dearest Linda! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

And the second LO I made for OLW has the title: "Beauty is not caused. It is." Again, I used a kit on here, but added some vintage buttons that my friends Vicki and Ashley bought me....and that vintage tag is from my dearest AMY! :):):):):):):):):):):)

And I wanted to share something else....this is what I found on Brookie's outside play castle this morning when I took the dog out....I SURE HOPE IT IS GOOD LUCK....cuz in a moment....I am getting on a soap box...and I don't need any lightening striking me right now!!! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Ok....I am going step up to the soapbox now!!! LOL!!! Soooooooooo.....on Thursday night, we went to Adam's open house at his new school! Now, literally...U can stand at the end of my driveway and see the school...that is how close we are....sooooooooooo we KNOW that they have been BUSY all summer long BUILDING a BRAND new 2 story building on the campus (the rest of the school is one story), and we have seen them re-do the entire parking lot and add trees to the parking lot (side note...I went to this SCHOOL 24 YEARS ago...and they was NEVER a reason to have trees in the parking lot...and if U know anything about Phoenix, is a DESERT and these are PLUSH TREES for shade or anything like that...they are thinned boring DESERT types trees....anywho....)...........soooooooooooo HERE we are at the OPEN HOUSE....and the Principal does his little that SPEECH...we (the parents) get to AWESOME the new stuff looks on the campus...and that it COST $6 Million DOLLARS to do!!!! Ok....breathe Julie....breathe...yes, I know, I stated above that I went to this school 24 years ago...and WE ALL know that things wear out and need to be improved, etc etc etc......but then HE PROCEEDS to tell US that there will be NO YEARBOOK this year....because its NOT IN THE BUDGET!!!! about, don't spend MONEY on the trees in the parking lot and FIT a yearbook into the BUDGET?!?!?! Then....he APOLOGIZES to US....because since school has started...the BUSES have been all messed up (luckily, Adam walks...sooooo I do not have to worry about that with him.....but other parents I am sure are upset).....I guess they are late in picking up and dropping off etc etc etc....sooooooooooo HE tells US that the reason for it is....U ready for this???? THE DISTRICT had to CUT $2 MILLION DOLLARS for transportation!!!! REALLY?!?!?!?! Isn't getting our children to and from school KINDA A PRIORITY!?!?!?!!? Then HE tells US that they have had to CUT a LOT of TEACHERS and PROGRAMS in the school district because of budget costs!!!! Guess how MUCH they CUT???? $4 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! At this time...I am FUMING.....they decide to CUT a TOTAL of $6 MILLION dollars for transportation and teachers and programs....and THEY BUILT A BUILDING, PARKING LOT and TREES for this school?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Needless to say....I am NOT a HAPPY TAX PAYER!!!! And ANYONE who KNOWS ME....(BEKKA....where are U here to defend me???? LOL).....I am ONE of the MOST SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE when it comes to teachers!!!!!!! I get sooooooooooooooooo MAD when I see that this HOLLYWOOD star made $40 MILLION dollars to make that movie....and this STAR athlete just SIGNED with this team for $100 MILLION DOLLARS.....and TEACHERS get CRAP for salaries!!! I'm SORRY....but if it wasn't for the TEACHERS....we would have no athletes, actors, doctors, lawyers...etc etc etc......I have the up most respect for teachers....and to hear Adam's school CUT TEACHERS...and then adds a stupid new building....not HAPPY!!!! Ok.....soooooooooooooooooo off MY SOAPBOX now!!! LOL!!! Thanks for listening!!!!!

LOVE TO ALL (well....maybe not ALL....Adam's school district really not getting my love right now!!! LOL)!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  1. Love the layouts, and don't even get me started on what they use the taxpayers money for!!! It is so riduculous, and the teachers are sadly underpaid for a job that I realize takes a very special person! I feel ya on this one:) Love, Jess

  2. Well, first I have to say a Polish husband huh???? And Pierogies... yum.... ya know I'm 1/2 Polish... Now that I know... maybe that's why we get on so well... we both love pierogies... lol!!! yeah for Polish! yeah for pierogies!! Anyway... love the lo... it's divinely yummy!!!

    Love the old photo... I love finding old photos of family... they bring back such lovely memories!!! Love the lo and all the fun vintage stuff!!! it really makes the it!!!

    Now... the $6million.......I'm right there with you... what were they thinking... and why didn't they say anything to anyone about what would be cut before they built the building.... this is terrible!!! It's just so easy to do it and thennnnnnnnn tell everyone what they will be losing... not right... not fair... and especially not good for the faithful teachers.... and the KIDS... what about the kids... ugh...

    As for the yearbook thing... I'd put up a stink... that is something kids should get... Maybe since it's the beginning of the year... there could be a fund-raising thing to help the kids be able to have the yearbook... it's those memories we all hold dear and to not have them to look back on isn't fair because of a building... I think parents would do??? But then that's just me... I couldn't stand it if Rainee would miss out on one yearbook... goodness they really made a mess of a what was suppose to be a good thing... I'm sooooooo sorry!!!

    Don't let it ruin you day... I'll say a prayer for you!!!

    {{BIG HUGS}} Michelle

  3. ok, so I'm here giggling and the $6 mil parking lot is not a giggling matter, but I can picture you standing tall, up on your soapbox, fist in the air, and gesticulating with it wildly, all the while flames are coming out of your ears and your hair is standing on end in disarray with your indignance!!! YOU GO, JULIE!!! USE your VOICE!!!
    :):):):):):):) Love you!!!

    love the lo, of course!!! soooo happy that you used that lil embellie!!!

    I hope y'all have a gud week!!!

  4. My o my you have been busy, and now I have to say i love all the pink, wonderful work Jullie, but you always make te most stunning work!

  5. Ok giggling at Phin giggling and say gesticulating...
    Love the pages you created, love all your creativeness when here I have none lol
    stand tall on that soapbox and I hope they do get a yearbook! Heard this week of a lady here who took over one of our discount store chains. because she really doesn't need the money she donates 100% (yes 100%!!!) to charity. Now that I love!

  6. OMG... are we twins? I say the EXACT SAME THING all the time about teachers/atheletes. Something is soooooo wrong with all that...

    Ok, anywhoooo.... those LO's ROCK & they all have a lot of PINK... you know I ♥ that! (Didn't we both choose that color for our FAV color... uh huh!) :-) Great photos on all the LO's... especially the one of you eating Pierogies! Never tried them, but I promise to not steal yours! :-)


  7. When I read your comment on my blog, I thought you wanted me to come over here and defend how awesome pierogies are. (For the record, they are FANTASTIC!) :)

    Yeah, you do not want to get me started on this. Especially as an elective teacher, because jobs like mine are among the first to be put on the chopping block. Some districts are so convinced that "newer and better" will fix everything, and they lose sight of what is important and essential.

  8. Your allowed to get on the soapbox when it comes to that!!! Teachers are the most important part of the learning process!!!

  9. They make the stupidest decisions ever. Love your layouts, not loving the schools either!

  10. Girl!!!! The day before my daughters open house her teacher called to remind us. And talked our ear off on how great my dd it and what a pleasure she is to have in class. We get to Open house (even my dad went to meet the teacher) and she does not say two words to us when we get to my daughters class. What is up with that??? I mean whats wrong with continuing to sing praises about my daughter in our physical presence!!!! :o)

  11. I will never understand budgeting and appropriation. It makes absolutely NO sense! On a happy note, I love your layouts!!! My fave is "Finding an Old Family Photo". I like how you used the negative space on the page! :)

    It was great to meet your family today!! I feel like I already know them well from all my blog stalking...LOL :) Hope the paper tower is happy in it's new home :)

  12. I love both of your Beauty layouts - so different but each so meaningful and lovely. I totally understand your feelings about the school situation - my son is a middle school history teacher who has been teaching 7 years. He currently teaches at a charter school so he is pretty secure in his position, but the public schools here in Florida virtually laid off all 1st and 2nd year teachers at the end of last year. It is mind boggling to me that they lay off teachers and pay administrators and superintendents ridiculous sums of money. You definitely don't want to get me started --- but the trees would make me crazy!!!!!! The minute I read about the lush trees I was beserk - By the way, I just loved all the energy and fun you showed in your posting on TAAFOMFT! Hope you have a good week.

  13. Hi there sweetie,
    Yay for you steppin up your soapbox...go get them!!What's wrong with those people...loosing sight of what really maters!!

    LOVE your beauty LO's both,love the colors and your designs...very beautiful!And the pierogies...I won't touch them Julie,you being

  14. Oh Julie,i love yours LOs...beautiful!!!love the design, colours and photos!!!Have a nice day!

  15. I totally agree, sweetie!!! I just had this conversation with my girlfriend (who teaches for special school district). I just don't understand how importance and priority gets so out of whack in this country. And that is BS about your school spending that much money on rebuilding and TREES IN THE PARKING LOT, then having to turn around and cut teachers and things like the yearbook. Get your priority straight, f@@ck@rs!!!

    Anyhoo, loving the latest and greatest layouts from the oh-so talented JULIE!!!! The beauty pages are amazing!
    Have a wonderful week, sweetness!

  16. My MIL has been teaching for 30 years. I hear you... Why cut the yearbook... where I come from the yearbook costs $60... I would assume that would cover the cost. We just talked to our neighbor he knew alot about how "well" the government spends their money... I could jump on that soap box with you!!!!

    Love love love your layouts. Sorry I have been missing in action. Hugs to you, Amy

  17. Your layouts are so fabulous! I need you to come teach me some skills! lol

    That school stuff is c-r-a-p! No wonder our kids don't know squat when all the money's being spent on trees. Whatever!

  18. Where to start??? First of all those LO's! I discovered pierogies a few years ago...YUM!!! And you Beauty LO's are...well, beautiful!

    As for your soap box...I think you need to run for public office. You soooooo have the right idea. I have a sneaking suspension you would win hands down. Then on second thought...maybe not. You dont' do "politics as usual". LOL!

    Hugs to you dear friend!!!

  19. Then the person responsible for signing off on the spending spree needs to be pulled out of his chair and in front of tax payers to justify the decision! They ARE answerable! Scoundrals!

    On a much brighter note.....Love your LO's!! And especially love the STM one with door and gate cool is that!!!

  20. love pierogies, love the layouts, and love your soapbox diatribe!! See if they spent that money like it was theirs then your son would have a yearbook, buses would run smoothly, and teachers wouldn't have been cut. But because they just think it's monopoly money they(administration) just don't care!

  21. I LOVE those layouts!! and sounds like you had quite the week! You need a grande margarita!!

  22. YOU SAID IT SISTER!!! I hear ya! Wow! Amazing...absolutely amazing....I'd have been fuming as well. Well, loved the layouts and I'm happy to listen/read...your venting! And how but if some of these athletes and movie stars who seem to give a lot of credit to their teachers.....give some of their moolah to teachers??????? huh????? I mean, what's a million bucks to one of them.....and it's a tax write off for em anyway!!! i'm mad too!


  23. Julie you crack me up, i wanna read the books, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn NOW NOW NOW you have been teasing on my blog :P

    Loving all your beautiful work hun stunning.

    Much Love Katy xx

  24. wow your layouts are beautiful girl!! and i cannot believe your story about the cutting costs in the school. totally insane right?!!

  25. So sad, teachers help to mold our children into those overpaid actors and athletes, and where is their payback.... just to put up with our kids for 8 hours a day, they need a damn raise right there! I'm in shock over the transportation cutback. unreal.mandy is right, someone needs to lose their seat. on the upside, your layouts are gorgeous as always.....xoxo

  26. First the LO's LOOOOOOVE them as ever!!!!!! Love the pics and I looove the one of the Kodak fam.!!!
    Second what is that little scarry insect??????? Yek!!!!
    Third I sooooo agree with you what is that all about 6 million for a parkinglot at a school??????? And no money for teachers??????? Hmmm guess I am a FOOL cause I don't understand that!!!

    And i am half way Breaking Dawn and you didn't say a word to much!!! LOOOOOVE LOOOOOOVE it!!!

    Hugs Hanneke

  27. Well, dear you know what I think of these WONDERFUL layouts of yours because I already told you, right?

    I hear ya girl, there's nothing more revolting than paying what we pay for taxes and see our money, many times, be practically thrown into the trash. And when it comes to education is even worse... where would we be without that, huh?

    And you know you can step up the soapbox anytime you feel like, my ears, ooops, eyes are here for you! Love ya :) :)

  28. I'm sorry about all the yucky stuff going on at your school - I would be upset too! On a lighter note, I love pierogies too! and that reminds me I have to get busy on my fave food layout! xoxo

  29. As usual your LO are just amazing!!! You deserve to be on that soap box, yikes! What are they thinkin!!!!!!!

  30. Your beauty layouts are fantastic Julie-I especially love the family photo one, even though the other was my fav at first!


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