Friday, July 17, 2009

Thanks for the prayers....a gift for Brookie, OLW and NIKKI is LIVE! :):):):):)

Hi all....

First and foremost...I want to thank ALL of U for your prayers for Brookie after her surgery she is swollen but on STERIODS to prevent blistering and man it has MADE her a LITTLE HAM today!!!! I have been jotting down the FUN things she has said to us today to be recorded soon on a LO (page)! :):):):):):):) And she was EXTRA EXCITED today for Deana and her daughter Bryn sent her some HAPPY MAIL! :):):):):):) She got a Tinkerbell doll and a handmade card from Deana! :):):):):):):):):):):):) She has been walking around on cloud nine clutching Tink and telling us OVER and OVER again that, "She loves Tinkerbell"! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Opening her present! :)

Showing off Tink! :)

The card Deana made and Tink! :)

Kissing Tink! :)

Tink flying!!! LOL!!! Picture this...U see the shape of Brookie's mouth in this photo....she is making a "whooshing" sound for Tink's flying!!! LOL :):):):):):):)

Next .... on a more somber note...I have made my LO (page) for OLW (one little word) today....this time the word was "WHY".....and here is my journaling....

"WHY did you break into my home? The only place I have ever felt secure - and you intruded on that...You took things that I can never ever replace - and these things mean NOTHING to you - only to me and my family - you probably have thrown them in the trash by now - because to you they hold no value - but to me they meant everything - you have caused hatred in my heart - hatred that I have never experienced before - they say that God only gives you what he knows you can handle - but now I am questioning that - I have taken on a lifetime of hurt and pain - and this was just added to the top of the list! I don't know if I will ever feel safe again after you invaded my home - I don't know if I will ever forgive this - WHY did you do this to us?"

*sigh* that was hard........thanks for taking the time to read it :) I used a kit on this LO! :):):)

And Yes, I did sew the "WHY" on there! :)

And the last thing I want to share today is NIKKI SIVILS'S WEBSITE IS LIVE TODAY!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Come check it out!!!!!! This is just soooooooooooooooooo EXCITING!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

LOVE to ALL...and thanks again for everything! :):):):):):):):)


  1. WOW! This is some heartfelt journaling! So sorry for you and your family.... thinking about you!


  2. Julie- I've been so caught up in my own little world of scrapbooking that I haven't been around to visit anyones blog!! I'm so sorry to hear about Brooke!! You all will be in my prayers!! I know I'm so far away, but if there's anything I can do please tell me!! You've had a tough summer!!:( Keep your sweet smile up!

  3. That is awesome how she's still just happy no matter what. She seems like a special little girl.
    I love your layout & once again am totally inspired with your stitching techniques. :)

  4. Where do I begin?

    First, I have to wonder why it takes 2 days to receive a package THIS time, but LAST time it took a WEEK? Weird. BUT... I'm SOOOOO glad she liked it! I stood there contemplating what to get for the longest time. Looks like the choice was good. :-)

    Looks like she's doing well, too! YAY!!! And her smile is proof that she's happy & has the 2 best parents ever! :-)

    My fav LO's of yours are the ones with the raw journaling. And while I hate, yes HATE, the life experiences you've been dealt with, I hope in some small way that scrapbooking is a form of therapy for you. That LO will be going into my favs at SIS. Love the stitched title, the journaling & the photo. Your family will be glad some day that you documented this terrible experience.

    Love ya! :-)

  5. Oh sweet Brookie...I am so glad that you found joy in your wonderful gift!!!!! You are such a wonderful gift to this world.....
    Wow....the LO and journaling are will come to terms with this I promise...We had something similar happen to us and today on the last day of my vacation.....we got a call from the detention center....telling me that they were releasing the man who robbed he would be returning back to the neighborhood.....I felt the fear creep back in....but I have worked hard to come to terms with this!!!!! It will happen to you will feel safe will find someplace in your heart to come to acceptance!!!! I will help guide you...all you have to do is call me...I will send you an email with my that we can talk!!!!! Love you and your family....have a great weekend!!! :)

  6. So enjoyed reading your posts on your blog here and reading about Brookie and Adam. I got here by way of Lisa :-) and have enjoyed my visit. I hope to come back again and again. Take care of you and that family!!

  7. Dear Jullie I hope this lo, this journaling therapy helped a bit, still thinking of you and your family...and love to see Brooke smile again, she is an amazing girl have to go trough all those ya!

    xo Dora

  8. Brooke is such a brave little soldier!! To still be smiling at her fun, new Tink :) I absolutely LOVE your OLW LO. The stitched title is amazing and fits well with the somber mood of the subject. What a feat to get that all out on paper! I envy your ability to do that. I'm the sort of person that bottles up pain and allows it to eat me alive. I admire that you have the strength to let things out, which hopefully helps you let it go.

  9. how sweet of Deana and Bryn to send over happy mail! :)

    i'm so glad that she's starting to feel much happier! :) she looks so cute with that tink.

    anyway, just wanted to wish you a wonderful weekend.


  10. Hi Julie, hope Brookie is doing a little bit better!She 's so strong!And Deana is soooo sweet to send her a lovely present!
    I Love your layout for the OLW,your journaling is so heartfelt...can imagine you feel all this....take care love!

  11. so glad brooke's doing better!
    that was sweet of deana-she looks happy :)

  12. Hugs and lots of tinkerbelling for little Brookie!!
    Such a resilient little girl - one of the most amazing qualities we can pass onto a child - you should be so proud!

    Love your 'why' LO Julie....its sooooo awesome....double awesome!

  13. I know scrapping about things - good or bad - can be SO therapeutic! Hang in there!!

    Brooke looks happy as can be with her new gift!! Hope the swelling goes down quickly!!

  14. Your LO is heartbraking. The burglery in your home makes me SO sad :( Hope you'll feel secure in your own home again, Julie. My thoughts and prayers you'll feel better soon.

  15. That is such a cool surprise Brooke got. How awesome. Love your lo of the break in. I'm sure one day you'll want to look back and be able to talk about it and remember it. Great page!

  16. Hey chickie :) just wanted to give you a hug, love the page. Yay for scrap venting :)

  17. you are one freaking strong lady girl! awesome page! for such a painfull event....

  18. Cute Brooke... That was sweet of Deana and Bryn to send the care pkg!!

  19. So sweet of Deana to send that over.....
    Brookie looks so happy! :)
    Love that new layout....way to get your feelings out. :)

  20. Great layout about such a difficult experience. Hope you feel safe again soon!


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