Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My computer is sick! :(

Hi all.....

Just real quick before I start my work day.....my home computer has a virus and is at the Computer Doctor's right now :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( I will have very limited internet access this week and probably won't be able to blog hop! :(:(:(:(:(

I am hoping all will be good and back home on Friday! :):):):):):)

But...I also wanted to SAY HAPPY BITHDAY CASSIE....I know it was yesterday, and I missed it.....but sadly, yesterday is when Mr. Computer crashed!!! Soooooooooo CASSIE....hope U had a GREAT BIRTHDAY! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Hope to see U all soon! :):):):)

LOVE TO ALL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  1. We will miss you - hope your computer just needs a small bandaide. ;o)

  2. Yes Julie, we will miss you!!! But we will wait for you!!!
    See you and your computer again on friday!!!!
    Big hug!!

  3. I had a fabulous birthday!! Thank you!!! I hope you get your computer back soon and it doesn't break your bank!!

  4. I hate when that happens!!! Hope they can fix it and we'll see you Friday!!!!

  5. Stinky ole virus and I hope the doctor can fix it!!!!! Happy Tuesday! I will MISSSSSSSSSSSSSS YOU!

  6. Missin' you 'round these parts! Hope you get your computer back soon! Most importantly, hope all the data remains intact and the doctor bill is reasonable.

  7. we will miss you lady!!!! hoping you get your puter back real soon! It wont be the same around here without you! :)


  8. Hey. I hope your computer starts feeling better soon! :(
    I will be seeing you more often over at SIS real soon, my classes will end real soon --- exciting! Have a beautiful day, Julie!

  9. Hello lovely lady!! So sorry to hear that your computer has caught a nasty virus, that is super not good!!!
    I have been missing you on the blog and did wonder wher you had vanished too!! Amazing how lost we are without our computers isn't it????
    Catch up soon Julie
    Love Kathie

  10. Glad you got your computer back! I have started the class, but there is soooo much, I didnt have Firefox, no Photoshop so I was trying to find ways to incorporate it to what I have. Not workey. So now I have Firefox, and its awesome, but I really dont know if I need to dl the regular photoshop or if I can run my cs3 that I never used!! Oh well! Thank you though, I AM learning things!


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