Sunday, April 19, 2009

I completely blame SHARMAINE for this next POST...and some scrappy pages and NEWS! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Hi all!!!!!!!

I will get to the SHARMAINE story SOON!!! :):):):) But FIRST...I wanted to share some NEWS!!!!! Recently a friend of mine Kimmy started a NEW challenge BLOG and asked for design team applications....well, I threw my hat into the ring...and I WAS ONE OF THE CHOSEN DESIGN TEAM MEMBERS!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! I am sooooooooooooo EXCITED!!!!! Our first challenge will be up on 05/01/09 and the blog is all about BEING INSPIRED about Children's BOOKS!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):) Go CHECK out the NEW CHALLENGE BLOG! :):):):):):)

Here is the page I created for my Design Team submission....I based it on the book, "Good Night Moon" an amazing book that the AMAZING Aunt Cookie had sent Brookie awhile back!!!!! I was inspired by the vibrant colors...and also the vintage feel of the book....and YES YES YES!!! That is LITTLE OLE ME! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Next up is a page I made for this weeks song at Scrapping the Music!!! The song is "MADE TO LOVE by Toby Mac!!! AMAZING SONG!!!! Hope my scrappy friends can join us! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):) onto the Sharmaine story!!! LOL!!! :):):):) She is one of my AMAZING and TALENTED BLOG friends....and the other day, she posted on her blog about the PERFECT DAY she and her family had...and asked people that left her a comment to TELL HER about what we imagine as OUR PERFECT DAY!!! Well.......I posted a comment on her blog (PS....thanks Sharmaine for picking me as your RAK winner!! YAY!!) and my perfect day consisted of taking my family to a little town north of Phoenix called PRESCOTT, ARIZONA....nicknamed "Everybody's Hometown".....because as soon as U get there....U are like...."WOW...this reminds me of my hometown!!!" .... soooooooooooooooooooo I STARTED saying to MYSELF...."Self, what is STOPPING from taking your family there on Saturday?????????".............SO, my friends...IT IS ALL SHARMAINE'S fault that is where my family was YESTERDAY!!!! LOL .... U know I'm teasing U Sharmaine....after I posted that comment on your blog....I just COULDN'T get it out of my head to go there!!!!!! LOL :):):):) Now....Adam wasn't with us.... :(:(:(:( He was visiting his Grandma on his Dad's side for the weekend.....but now that I have the Prescott bug in Brian....I am pretty sure we will be heading back there soon! :):):):):):) Here are A GAZILLION photos from our trip yesterday! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

We saw some bikers on a ride...

See ... they even tell U its EVERYBODY'S HOMETOWN!!! LOL :):):):):)

The local firemen and wildlife experts were having an expo at the Historic Courthouse! :):):):)

And a classic car show was happening too! :):):)

And whats a car show without Brian and Brookie's initials!?!?!?!? LOL! :):):)

LOVEEEEEEEEEE the name of this store! :):):):):):)

Why is the street named "WHISKEY ROW" U ask??????? :):):)

Because of this! :):):):):):) A street full of pubs! :):):):)

Sites from around and ON the HISTORIC COURTHOUSE! :):):):)

Running to Daddy! :):):)

We ate here and then went and had ice cream at TCBY! :):):):)

More SITES from around town! :):):):):):)

Thanks for LOOKING...and LOVE to all! :):):):):):)


  1. Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by.. =) I love all those photos you took of your trip... looks like a great time.. I'm also digging the layouts you did.. i do love me some STM.. haven't played along in ages. I gotta ask.. was the fringe ribbon from Walmart too? so cute.. =)

  2. Looks like you had a GREAT time!!!

  3. Looks like some much fun. I love your music LO. Its precious.

  4. You have no idea how much my heart is smiling right now!! So glad I could inspire you to have such a fantastic family day out!!!
    LOVE the pages you made, congrats on the DT spot!!YAY :)
    I'm also sad, the photos of Brooke remind me of one of our neices and made me miss them. Long story but we hope to have them home by the end of the year.
    Hugs :) :)

  5. Looks like you had the best time!!!
    Thanks for sharing your photo's!!!

    Congrats on making the DT!!
    The LO you've made for the submission is wonderful!!


  6. Hello lovely lady!!! Thank you so much for the lovely comments that you leave on my blog all the time!! I often visit but just seem so busy these days!! However, if I can live in a house like the one in Prescott, then I would love to make it my hometown too!!! Love you photos and of course Brookie is just so sweet!!

  7. OMGosh what an amazing post..looks like the best place to visit. Love your layouts. You are a magican with colour!! You are also the winner of my little prize..Don't forget to email me your address...corn cobs, vanilla and corn fuzz (I did laugh).XX

  8. Whoooo hoo!!! Congrat on the DT!!! You totally rock my friend!!! Love all those pictures!! Looks like you had a fabulous time!!!

  9. Oh my gosh, I realy have to catch up with you, I am so sorry but I missed your last message!!! :( Where do i start!! First I want to tell you that I loooooove all the LO's they are truly GORGEOUS!!! And than I want to congrat you on your DT membership, you totally deserve that!!!! And what is that you make a page in 30 min??????????!!!!!!!!!! It sometimes takes me the whole evening, guess I am a bit slow, hahaha!! And I realy must come to America, what a great photo's, I want to go there to!!

  10. Wow! Great photos!! Looks like you 3 had a wonderful day!!! I used to go to TCBY all the time in college, but sadly we don't have any around here. :-( Miss that yummy place! Guess we'll have to go to Prescott next time we're in AZ! :-)

    CONGRATS on the new DT!!! You are the DT QUEEN!!! BUSY, BUSY!! Love that new LO & love the book Goodnight Moon! :-)

    Hope you have a great week, Julie!

    Big hugs ♥...

  11. WOOOOW!!! What a cool town!!! Looove all the photos and esp. LLLLOOOVVEE the pic of Brookie with her reflection on the table at TCBY!!! Looks like it was a fabulous family outing!!! Congrats on the DT, you are going to be one busy lady!!!!! Which makes me busier trying to keep up/ follow all the challenges!!! LOL!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Hugs, Vicki

  12. Congrats you talented LADY!!!! I am so happy for you!!! Now how in the world are you going to get any more time to scrapbook!!! You make me tired just looking at all your creations. Where do you get all your mojo??? Love the pics, what a great place to visit!!! I sent you an email, got my page, LOVING IT and thanks for the gift for Evan!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Congrats on the new Design team. i am going to head over there right now and check it out!

  14. Whoa! I'm without computer time for a few days and look at what all I miss! A new DT, a fantastic trip and your usually bright cheery self spreading cyber love! Girl, you absolutely amaze me!

    Must start with a massive, gigantic, huger-than-huge thank you for the incredible shout out! That was more than I ever expected! You touched me so, my heart was smiling. And you must know you leave people smiling everywhere you go. At least that has been what I've witnessed in the amazing world of blog.

    Now for that little day trip. Next time can I go? That looks like the most wonderful place. And yeah, it does look my hometown.

    Lastly, but certainly not least, CONGRATULATIONS on the new DT! That sounds like such a fun new blog. I love children's books but haven't explored one in such a long time. I will certainly follow along to see what is sure to be amazing work by you, girlfriend.

    I spoke with Jocelyn last night for a while and we were brewing up a little travel venture that would include you. Can't wait to see if we can work it out!

    Thanks for making my birthday celebration so special! XOXO

  15. WOW! Look what you have you have inspired me to think a bout a fantastic day I have had.......oh wait I better finish this post before my mind continues to wonder! GURL!!!!!! Congrats on the DT! I will be there! I look forward to it - what an awesome idea for a challenge blog! LUV YOUR designs! WOO-HOO!

  16. Great pics! I love the firetruck with the flames! Looks like you had a complete blast! And Congrats on the new DT position! How do you find enough time in your days??
    New blog-

  17. It sure looks like you had an amazing time! Love that you shared your photos!!! LOVE your LO too!!!!

  18. OMG girl - I love visiting your blog - its full of everything happy!! Firstly THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU for the lovely and treasured RAK you sent!! I love love love it!!! I'm really excited about this new challenge blog you've mentioned and I'm sooooooo there girl. I'm off to check it out now!!!
    Big hugs all the way from Tasmaniaxxxx

  19. looks like so much fun. i love all of the photos.

    hope you are doing well,

  20. I was so happy to see your sweet comments! PLUS it gave me the link up to your awesome blog, so now I have you in my Google Reader. I so want to visit this sweet little town - what a fun day it looks like you guys had!
    smiles sweetie! :):):):):):):):):)

  21. Have I mention how I LOVE that yellow car with the zebra top. How sexy is that thing?

    Oh thanks for the encouraging words. I think mine has alot to do with the weather,lots of rain and tornado's, storms etc and other part brought on by Josh being 90% disabled now. At 28 you never except your husband to became disabled but I guess thats a true sign of war. I know I will get through, I just have to decide at what cost to to whom?

  22. wow looks like a great time.. and i m so glad we're on another team together,,,

  23. hello friend!
    i feel like i've been gone forever.
    i love love love all the photos. seem like such a fun little town.

    the picture of Brookie w/o her shoes is priceless...she is def. a princess in waiting. shame on you for thinking otherwise.

    oh. oh. uhoh. shame on me! ConGRaTeS on making the design team! you always rock the pages girl. way to go. oh and on winning Sharmaines RAK. how cool is that? gotta love that girl.

    call me when you get a chance. have a few plans in the making.

  24. Congratulations on making the DT! Your submission LO was beautiful, and I love your STM LO, it's such a happy page!
    xxx Peggy

  25. WOW your camera had to be tired after that trip hehe :) Love the LO and congrats on the challenge blog, you are my challenge idol.. U amaze me on the work you do and how nice you are to everyone. Thank You for your comments, and now thank you for making want to go to Prescott!!!! <3

  26. Seems like you've had a wonderful day my friend.


  27. That was a perfect day! Loved each and every photo!! Your layouts are beautiful and you so deserved getting on that design team!! Go Julie!!


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