Thursday, February 12, 2009

Devastating and heartbreaking news from Australia......and prayers needed for my friend and co-worker.....

Hi all....

Through this amazing world of the internet ...
I have made several friends from across the globe....some in Australia (Sharmaine, Julie, Mandy and Kathie)....
and I am GRATEFUL to each of them for keeping me and others updated on the devastating fires that have been happening over there as of late.....
reading about them just breaks my heart!!!!!!! I wanted to share some photos from some of my friends blogs....
I apologize, I can not give full photo credits, just one actually of "sam" the koala getting a drink from David Tree (a fireman) which was taken by Russell Vickery.
And then David is later reunited with "sam" and WOW does that TEAR at the heartstrings! :):):)
And thanks to Mandy and Kathie as they have shared websites on where U can help if you want to. People have lost soooooooooooo much over is causing me tears.......

Onto some other news that I need to friend and co-worker Janelle is having surgery this morning and I was hoping that my friends and family could keep her in prayer. This is just not an everyday simple surgery. As some of U know, I personally was born with a Nerve tumor ( has a technical name, but it early here and I'm toooooo tired to look up the spelling...LOL) in my wrist. It has ALWAYS caused me pain, there isn't a DAY I don't REMEMBER that its there....and I have had numerous surgeries to take "some" of it away. Well, my friend Janelle...has the same type of tumor....however, hers is in her brain. And that is what they are operating on today. She started having ringing in her ears almost a year ago, and that is how they found it. I know FIRST HAND how serious this tumor is and even more so when attached at the brain. So please, keep Janelle in your prayers, as we won't know until tomorrow if anything was successful with the surgery........

Love to all! :):):):):):):)


  1. This is a beautiful post, Julie!
    Not the most happy one, but one to make us thinking about life.
    Thanks for that!!
    And good luck to your friend!!

  2. Julie, everyone is in my prayers right now! Australia and Janelle! How devastating for that beautiful continent! Good luck to Janelle on her surgery! hugs!

  3. What a tragedy! It really makes you value every single day. Australia is in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. What's going on in Australia is such a tragedy!!
    The koala that's been saved was in the news here, it brought me tears in my eye's!!

    I will keep you friend in my thoughts!!
    Hope surgery is going to be allright!!

  5. Prayed for your beautiful friend, thanks for putting up a post about our situation here in australia. So many stories of human tradgey at the moment. We just are all still tryig to come to terms with what has happened here. The lives lost, people are just so not replaceable. I really feel for families and friends who have lost loved ones. Please continue to uphold our nation in prayer as they are expecting to have the death toll raise by quite a large number as burnt out houses are examined this weekend.

  6. What a tragedy there.. everyone is in my thoughts.. I hope they get a handle on the fires soon..

  7. I have been praying for all the people in Australia and will keep Janelle in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  8. Hi I hope all goes well for Janelle. We also pray for the lost lives her in Australia.

  9. What a tragedy!!!! Beautiful post. Mika

  10. Thanks so much Julie for bring the plight of the suffering not only to the families of this land, but the wildlife.

    Fortunately today - the police have arrested and locked up a culprit - he was an awful man, they even found child pornography - ugh - all sorts of horred things at his place!
    Throw the key away!

    And to your friend Janelle - my heart and soul is praying for her to come through this with flying colours!

  11. Prayers being sent to Janelle. That is a scary surgery!!! I am crying at this very moment at the pics!!!! How terrible for those poor animals!!! Surgey is over, I am in quite a bit of pain, so now on to trying to get back on my feet. Wishing you and your family a Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. Julie I sooo hope that everything went well yesterday for your friend,Janelle!!!! What devastation for Australia, our prayers and thoughts are with them all!!!

  13. Thank you all for your prayers. The fires are all out and now we are trying to look after familys of the injured and deceased and the wildlife. Sam is fine and David tree is still strung out at all the media attention that he has received. I am so very glad that the photo was loved and appreciated by many ( it was my intention). I hope and pray for your friend with her operation, please keep us posted.
    Love to all.
    Russell Vickery


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