Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today.........history is made in the USA! :):):):)

Hi all.....

I just wanted to document this day in history when the first African American becomes President of the USA.......many thought this day would never happen....but I am proud that this day has come and I am EXCITED about the changes that President Barack Obama will bring to our country! :):):):):):):):)


  1. We, here in the Netherlands, are also very happy with your new president!! We also hope and expect that he will bring many good things to this world!!
    Yes, he can!!

  2. yes, today is a great day!

    Thanks for the cute awards, Julie, I post them on my blog later this week :D
    Love the new banner, so cute!

  3. We saw everything on Dutch television, very impressing i must say!!!

  4. Congratulations, America :)
    Best wishes from Norway for him, you & the world :)

  5. I think he can really make a change!
    Over here in the Netherlands we are all very happy with Barack Obama as your new president!!!
    Congrats to you all!!!


  6. Please let him be the change that America needs!!!! I'm lifting your photo for my 365 project!!! :):):)

  7. I have cried for days!!!! I truly believe in this man. I know he is not a miracle worker and it will take time, but I truly am PROUD to say the he is our PRESIDENT!!!! Check out my photos of Joe with the whole crew!!!! Happy Tuesday!

  8. I had to blog about President Obama on Sunday after watching his train make its way to D.C. I cried today but it is all good!!!!

  9. Congrats ! We also are very happy in Canada about it !

    I have a little surprize for you on my blog !

  10. Hi Julie!! I left you an award on my blog!!! You rock girl!!

  11. I have a little award for you on my blog my friend!!! Stop on by and check it out!!

  12. Congratulations to your country!!!


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