Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sad day for the scrapbooking world....

Hello all....

As most of you know, I am an avid scrapbooker....God bless Brian's heart, because he puts with the ideas that POP into my head and I "have" to scrap them right now to get it out! :)

Well yesterday (09/12/08) of my fellow scrappers Aleida Franklin...was tragically killed in a car accident on the way to work....she was an inspiration to all of my fellow scrappers and a mother of a 6 year old son and a 2 1/2 daughter.....I have been BEYOND sad since I read the news on her passing, and was looking at her blog last night and found photos of her and her daughter...Aleida wrote that there weren't enough photos of her in the world, and starting that day it was all going to change....she wanted to make sure from that day forward her kids had photos of her to look back on.....that touched me....really touched me....its a running joke in our house that pictures of Julie just don't exist because I am always behind the that changes.....I want Adam and Brookie to know what Mommy ALWAYS looked like.....I want them to look at my scrapbook pages and NOT just see themselves and the rest of the family....I want them to see me too......sooooo thank you Aleida....thank you for your message to me....I took it to heart....... REST IN PEACE my friend.....REST IN PEACE.................


  1. Love that message too.

    I didn't now her but I'm sad too.
    Prayers for her family from Spain {heart}

  2. That message got to me too Julie and things are going to change here too.

  3. So true my friend. Most of the photos of myself that I scrap are self portraits because I'm the crazy woman with the camera in our family. It used to be my dad but I've taken over the role. Every now and then I'll ask someone to take over the camera so I'll be sure to get a shot of myself.

    She inspired me to try harder to scrap more often. I'll miss her.

  4. thank you julie for your donation...i really appreciate it and i know brandon will too!!!

    you are an angel ...

    love ya girl!!

  5. Beautiful Julie! I never used to get photo's of myself either then I did and not quite a year ago I scrapped a layout of myself. My teen/adult children were "wow mom, this is wonderful!!!" and it started me thinking about how much I'd love it if I had somthing like this that my mother did. Now I try and scrap myself anytime I can. Or me and my DH as that is what the children will treasure when they are older.


  6. I hear ya girlfriend! I can relate! I'm sorry I've been meaning to call! We'll talk soon, I promise!


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