Thursday, April 17, 2008

Man...this month is flying by...and I haven't posted in forever!!! :):):)

So, here I am back.....sorry folks....seriously this month has just been crazy and soooooo hectic (more so than the month we got married....can't quite figure that out!! LOL) here are just some quick pictures of our 3 kids (adding in the newest member Dandy as one of those numbers!! LOL).......they were all having fun in the kitchen the other day and I CAN NEVER get them all to look at the camera at the same time.....sooooooooo I GOT REAL LUCKY this time when they ALL LOOKED my WAY!!! :):):):) Oh, and please forgive Brookie's nose running.....these allergies are just a killer on her NOSE!!! :(:(:(:(:(


  1. Glad you are back!


  2. Hi!
    the days just fly by. I can't believe it is now the end of the month.

    Julie, your family is so adorable.
    Brooke looks so much like you. She is a doll.

    Have a happy Tuesday.


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