Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We are into single digits now!!!! 9 MORE DAYS!!!

Hi all!! 9 MORE DAYS!!! WOW!!!! Time flies!!! :):):):):) Couple things happening tomorrow, my Mom is having some back please keep her in your prayers.....and my WONDERFUL Aunt Mary is coming in (from my hometown, where she still resides) for the wedding!!!! So, I am excited about tomorrow because of Aunt Mary, but at the same time worried about my Mom!!

Also, just to share with you lovely folks... :):):) This is the arch that Brian and I put together for the wedding ceremony!!! :):):) We actually had a lot of fun doing it.....even though at the time....LOL....I was a little stressed about getting it RIGHT!!! LOL :):):) But Brian's a good sport, sooooooo we made it through!!! LOL :):):)


  1. wooooooooow! You did a great job with the arch! I love it! It's georgeous! Girl, you are going to have the best wedding ever!!!! I'm excited for you...I wish you all the best and happiness. I don't know you personally but, I know that you deserve it. You are a wonderful person (I could feel it through the computer, lol.., really!)

  2. congrats on your upcoming wedding. I love the whole process of a wedding. Don't forget to have fun. After all it's your day. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your wonderful comments...

  3. Hope you have a wonderful wedding day and I wish you the best in your married life! I love weddings! :-) I used to be the editor of a local wedding magazine so the planning process is very exciting for me!


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