Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hello all!

Happy Valentines Day!! Woke up this morning to find the most beautiful card and a scrapbook tote bag filled with scrapbook goodies in it from Brian!! What a LOVE!! :):):) I had been looking at that tote bag....but just never picked it up!! Guess, he is paying attention!!!! :):):) Yesterday, I surprised Brian and Adam, by having a 1/2 dozen Valentine balloons delivered to them at work and school!! :):):)

One month from today we are getting married!!!! The time has been flying by so fast!!! :):):) We are doing a very small ceremony in the courtyard of my parents condo area, nothing fancy, since we have both been married before....not even a reception. Just after the ceremony, we are going to a restaurant for dinner and thats pretty much it!! :):):) Even the florist made a comment to me when we were picking out the flowers, she said, "You are awfully calm about this..." yeah, I guess I am!! :):):) When you know its FINALLY right, then there is nothing to get worked up about!!! :):):)

Thank you all for your love and support about Buddy......we all still miss him so!! We keep expecting to turn the corner and trip over him (we were famous for tripping over was like....which one of us is blind???? LOL)....... but thank you for all the love and sympathy you have sent our way!! :):):)


  1. I'm just getting to know my scrapper friends. Congrats on getting married next month! Sounds like you've got your feet solidly on the ground. That was a great Valentine surprise!

  2. Hey, how are you? I've been very busy like usual. I haven't been able to paper scrap except for like 2 or 3 layouts I've done but haven't been able to upload them in my home computer since it has caught a bad virus and its acting up, but hubby is working on it. Today I took my camera home so I can upload some pictures, if I get the chance...! Soon I'll be buying my new MAC and the software I need (like photoshop) and then I'll be back with my digi-scrap! yeahhhh!!!! But thanks for the comment. So how's the wedding plans going? Are you ready and set for the big day? Take care!


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