Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brookie POSES for ME!!!

Brooke NEVER poses for me when I get out the dreaded camera!! :):) Get her to a professional photographer and she is ALL smiles.....I get out the camera and can call her name a THOUSAND times and she never looks my way.... when I got this shot of her wearing her brothers hat.....LOL.....I just couldn't believe my LUCK!! Of course, I spent the next 20 minutes trying to get her to do it no avail!!! LOL....... On a side note, Brooke has another surgery coming up this Thursday.....we will keep you posted!!! :):):) Thanks again to everyone for their thoughts and prayers as she goes through these procedures!!! :):)


  1. Is this your little girl? She's so pretty! I know what you mean, my daughter (she's 15 now) never wants me to take her pictures! And I have the urge to do so now more than ever, just because she's growing into a young lady so fast and I kinda want to hold on to my "little" girl! lol... I will be praying for her and hope her surgery goes well. Trust God and He will do miracles!

  2. That is a very adorable picture!!! Amanda has that same outfit, those great minds!! I know my comments on this page is long overdue.....her surgies will make her perfect for society my friend she is the 'Perfect Angel' how she is!!! Her personality says it all!!


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