Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brooke's surgery

Hi everyone! Brooke had her 3rd surgery today, and it didn't go as smooth as the previous ones. :( Her doctor wanted to concentrate on the Port Wine Stains on her hand this time, and as we all know, that part of our body is more sensitive because of the muscles and nerves etc. in the hands. Well, it didn't quite go the way her surgeon wanted. She awoke to fast from anesthesia, and that caused her to be in too much pain too fast. She wouldn't open her eyes, but was screaming bloody murder. :(:(:( On her index finger, there was an open sore from the laser and on her thumb, a blister was all ready forming (we have to watch for blisters on her skin after surgery, but it has never appeared that fast). The nurse wasn't happy with how she was coming out of the anesthesia (the screaming in pain and not opening her eyes), and she wasn't happy with the way her hand was looking. So, she called the surgeon to come take a look at her, and he did, he also wasn't happy with what was happening to Brooke. What his main goal for Brooke is not only to remove the Port Wine Stains from her body, but also to make this happen with as little as surgeries as possible to avoid her being put under, since there is always a risk with that. So, with her hand this time, he was trying to "knock out" as much Port Wine as possible to avoid multiple future surgeries. Well, as he stated to us, it didn't work the way he wanted. Each person is different, and unfortunately Brooke didn't "take" to the intense treatment like he wanted her too. So, he gave her some morphine for the pain, some Motrin, and some Tylenol with Codeine. He sent us home with tons of prescriptions and after eating some food, she has been asleep for about three hours. We have to administer the Tylenol with Codeine and Motrin for the next five days and we have to call the surgeon on Monday to give him an update.

Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers during this time, and please keep her in your thoughts!!!! Love to all!!! :):):)

Attached is a picture of me & Brooke before going into surgery.

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  1. She looks amazing in each picture just like her MAMA!!! :)


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