Monday, October 8, 2007

Mommy and Brookie wearing the same dress, 34 years apart!!! :):):) Mommy is in the picture on the bottom...I know, you can't tell from the age of the picture right? :) And Brooke is above wearing the same dress that I am wearing below! Yes, I kept it all these years later! :)

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  1. Of course I remember (the below picture). I don't believe I was there, but I was in the hallway to see that pic day in and day out. I cant believe you still have that dress and what a blessing you have a child to wear that same dress.

    It brings me back to all the wonderful memories of our weekly visit to...Pizza Hut. Yum!

    Hope my nephew and niece are feeling better. We all have to be in top shape for the 20th.

    Hope Brooke had an awesome 1st birthday. And I look forward to the birthday party.

    I showed off Brooke's picture to ANYONE at work that I received in the invitation. I was such a proud uncle. And EVERYONE absolutely loved it, and said she is the cutest girl EVER. (um, no joke there.)

    You all take care and see you soon.


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