Tuesday, October 2, 2007

2 days till Brooke's first BIRTHDAY!!!

Brooke.....having a BAD hair day???? :)

WOW!! Amazing that our baby girl will be a YEAR OLD on Thursday!!! We are all going out to dinner that day as a family, and then will be having her party on the 20th. Adam spends time with his other Grandma (on his Dad's side) the first two weekends every month...so we wanted to have Brooke's party on a weekend that we were sure that Adam was there!!! I will be updating our site again later this week with pictures from her birthday!!

Thanks to everyone who has left comments!! :):) Brian and I have loved reading them!!

Love to all!! :)


  1. I like the McDonald's picture a lot. That's a classic.

    I think she's telling him to fold his Ace 9 with the flop of 4-5-6 and someone raises 4x the blind. But that's just my read.

    Hope she has a great oh-one birthday. It seems only 32½ years I had mine.

    You all take care.

  2. These are great Pictures of the kids. I love the bad hair day it reminds me of my daughters bed head..


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