Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hi Everyone!! Welcome to the Tucker and Wolek Blog!!! :)
Add us to your "favorites" on your I will be updating the site at least once a week!! :)
I thought this would be a fun way to keep in touch with everyone! :)
We just picked up these portraits last night...we had them taken in honor of Brooke's first birthday...which is a WEEK away!!!! :):)
Love to all....and we hope you enjoy our site!!!

Julie, Brian, Adam and Brooke :)


  1. AWESOME!!! I love it... this is wonderful. A great way to keep in touch and get pictures. Thank you for providing this and hope you do keep it up to date weekly/monthly. I will always save pics of my family.

    Hello, Adam, and Brooke. Hope all is well. Play your playstation, but do your homework first. If I had done my homework first (and not the COCO2) I would probably be President now. Or at least Vice Presdient, which still gets a good office.

    Take care and I love you all!!

  2. I really love Brooke's one year old pictures. I especially love Adam and Brooke together. Can hardly wait to get our set for home and office. The Sedona pictures were great, you captured the Red Rocks nicely.

    Love PAPA.

  3. Happy Birthday Brooke!!

    You are a beautiful little girl!!

    Hope you have lots of fun on your
    Birthday with your big brother Adam.

    Aunt Vickie Wolek and family


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