Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hi! It's me Brookie!! Today I am 9!!!!!!!!!

Yep!! Just like that ... I am 9 years old today!!!! :) 

My birthday party was yesterday and I wanted to show some pictures from my party! :)

Mommy did my hair in a messy bun ... I love it when she does a messy bun! :)

The decorations!! :)

Mommy, Daddy and I made these Minion bubbles for my friends ... and they turned out a little wrinkled -- so Mommy made this sign to tell people why they were wrinkled ... hehehe! :)

Gift bag goodies for my friends :)

Each of my friends had to put on a pair of Minion Goggles and my Mommy took a picture of them to send home to their families! :)

My Mommy made me this Minion banner! :)

And Mommy made the cupcakes for the party and the Minion cupcake toppers! :)

We found these cute Blue and Yellow straws for the drinks! :) 

We bought Twinkies and then wrapped them in a Minion print! :)

Mommy found these! Aren't they awesome??!?!? 

Daddy and I filled these Yellow and Blue cups full of popcorn for my friends!! :)

Mommy made the sign and Daddy made the Minion-Ade (aka Lemonade!) :)

The gift table! :) 

Mommy printed up this sign to greet my friends! I thought it was so funny! :)

We printed these cool Minion water bottle labels too! :)

Daddy went to Party City and got me these AWESOME balloons!! :)

We did two crafts!! The first one was using markers to color in these wood frames ... then my Mommy printed the photos of my friends wearing the Minion googles and printed them for their frames! :)

Then we got to paint a pumpkin to look like a MINION!! SO fun! :) 

Here I am wearing the Minion googles!! :)

Time to open presents!! :)

And Mommy now tells me YOU all knew about this next gift!!!! It was AMAZING!! She took my old T-shirts and turned it into a quilt for me! :)  All my friends were looking at it and remembering when I had worn the shirts!!! :)

Cupcake time!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!! I had the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!!! 9 is going to ROCK!!!!!! :)

Brookie :)