Monday, September 24, 2018

Happy birthday! -- featuring Simple Stories and Paper Smooches

Hi everyone!

We literally have THREE birthdays we celebrate on October 4th! Brooke's, her school principal and my former boss. (The latter two know I will never forget their birthdays, since they share it with Brooke! Lol!) 

I made them each a card this past weekend, using some Simple Stories goodies and the sentiment is from Paper Smooches :)

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Denim/Jean pillow :)

Hi everyone :)

For those that saw my post on the denim/jean blanket/quilt that I made for Adam for this coming Christmas  - here is the pillow that I made with the leftover jean pieces I had from the blanket/quilt :)

This is also going to be a part of Adam's Christmas gift (sooooo shhhhhhhhhh! lol!) -- and I will also be entering this in the Arizona State Fair :)

Here is the back -- as a reminder, I used green bandannas on the blanket/quilt, as green is Adam's favorite color, and I had some left over, so I used two for the back of the pillow :)

And to give you a sense of size -- that is my phone sitting in front of it :)

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Never Forget ...

No words needed ...

Photos taken by me at the 9/11 Healing Field Memorial in Tempe, Arizona

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Wake Me Up When September Ends :)

Hi everyone! :)

Ten years ago on September 12th, Aleida Franklin tragically passed away. A month before she passed away, she posted a very profound blog post, that seriously changed my life.  She wanted us Mom's to get IN FRONT of the camera with our kids.  Her philosophy was, that our kids don't care if we are wearing makeup, if we are overweight, if our hair is a hot mess, they only care that we are MOM! That's all they see -- just Mom! So she had encouraged all of us to get in front of the camera with our kids. So that they would have those memories WITH us! :)

She only had that one month that she did photos with HER and her kids in them, then she was gone.

If you follow me here or on social media, you know that I have dedicated the last ten years to taking at LEAST one photo a month with me and kids (or kid, since Adam moved to Texas! lol!) in her honor.  Some of those photos are definitely NOT my best -- one time was even in my pj's, because it was the last day of the month, and I totally let it slip my mind, and I was already dressed for bed!! But -- I got my monthly photo in -- in my PJ's! LOL! :)

And this is the 6th year, that I have made a layout with the previous 12 months photos of me and the kid(s) :) 

Here are the previous years -- 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017

Now here we are in 2018, it is September - and it is 10 days before the 10th anniversary of Aleida's passing, and I wanted to share my layout I made for the past 12 months photos. :)

I used some older Bo Bunny, Simple Stories, and Photo Play goodies :)

And the latest challenge for Challenge YOUrself was perfect for my page this year, as the theme is MOTHER/DAUGHTER (and yes, I know Adam is in two of the photos - which actually makes me a little sad, as that means I only saw him two times these past 12 months)  -- but I knew that all 12 of the months also feature me and Brookie - so I am calling it good! :) 

When I create these yearly layouts, I use the song title "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day -- I knew Aleida from "Scrapping the Music" challenge blog - so I not only thought the title was appropriate because of the month she passed away, but a little nod to her by using a song title.  

Ironically in these past 12 months photos - I am wearing the same shirt twice, and Brookie and I took two of our photos at "Our Creative Escape" a new painting studio run by Kim (from Paper Smooches) and her hubby Tom, that Brookie and I have become ADDICTED to! :) 

Thank you Aleida for changing my life - I am forever grateful to you ... xoxo

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Fancy, wild and free! -- featuring Photo Play and Simple Stories :)

Hi everyone! :)

I wanted to share a layout I made using some Simple Stories and Photo Play papers :)

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Just because - featuring Newton's Nook :)

Hi everyone! :)

I just wanted to share a card I made using some Newton's Nook stamps :)

I made this for someone who has an obsession with skulls :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)

Monday, August 13, 2018

Jean quilt :)

Hi everyone! :)

I wanted to share a Christmas gift I made for Adam (yes, I know it is early, but I am entering this into the Arizona State Fair this year, so I had to get it done early! LOL!) 

So -- shhhhhhh everyone! Don't tell Adam about this!!! *wink* :)

A couple of years before Adam moved to Texas, I had him give me any of his old jeans that he outgrew, had holes in them, etc.  At the time I didn't know what I wanted to make with the jeans, I just knew I wanted to save them. 

After making a few T-shirt quilts (3 so far!!!) -- and my confidence growing in my sewing abilities, I went to YouTube and searched jean/denim blankets/quilts, just to see if they were hard to make.  I didn't like any of the designs I found on YouTube, but seeing how they were made, they didn't seem TOO different than the T-shirt ones I have made -- except for one AMAZING thing -- T-shirts are knit, so on each square I used, I had to add a stabilizing fabric to the back of it for stability when sewing, and denim is "tougher" so I wouldn't have to take that extra step (insert HAPPY DANCE!!!).

With that decided, I took the jeans I had saved from Adam, and I cut each leg along the seams -- here is what they looked like after I cut them -- 

I will be honest, I really thought this wouldn't be enough jean material to make a quilt big enough for Adam (he is 6'2" tall!!) -- I thought I would have to go to a thrift store and buy some more jeans to get this done! But -- it all worked out in the end!! As I will show you later on! :)

I bought a 6x6 hard plastic square template -- and started tracing each jean leg, using up every inch I could get from these!! 

Here is a photo of the squares midway through :)

Once I had the squares all cut out, I used my rotary cutter to get them down to the 6x6 inch size.

  Think about that guys -- 6x6 inches - that is the size of a paper pad from our card making companies!! :)

He had some dark jeans, and some light jeans, so I laid them out on our family room floor to create my pattern -- and here it is all laid out before I started sewing it together! :)

As I said before, I wasn't sure if I had enough squares -- well, I had enough to make this, and I still had some leftover to be able to make him a LARGE pillow (which I will be making later!)

And just to give you an idea, on HOW big this is -- I had Brian lay down on it -- and he is 6 foot tall! :)

And here is the finished project!!! :)

And YES! I kept this pocket as is -- so he can put his phone or a remote in it while he is using it! :)

This pocket was a little too close to the top for me to sew it properly -- so I bought some green bandannas (green is his fave color!) -- and sewed it inside the pocket to make it look like he has a folded bandanna tucked in it :)

Some of his jeans had holes in them -- I was going to leave them as is -- but then I thought about if he washed this quilt, the water would get trapped between the denim material and the backing fabric -- so I used more green bandannas and sewed them BEHIND the holes to give it some fun dimension :)

And this proves they really were Adam's jeans ... lol!! I made arrows on this photo to show old paint stains on his jeans from when he helped us paint some things around the house! :)

I wanted to pick a real soft backing fabric to make this comfy for Adam -- and I REALLY wanted green, but the fabric store didn't have any green that was 'soft' enough for me, so I chose a darker blue soft chenille fabric ... so COMFY!!! :)

It looks purple -- but I promise -- it is BLUE! LOL :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)